Consult an expert at flashing phones, or run it yourself, using the files of the firmware which contains Russian language. This method is the simplest because it does not require a lot of time, but is associated with some risks.
Add Russian language to the phone manually. The second method of Russification longer. Thus you can avoid flashing, which in some cases may void your warranty or certain functions.
Download language packs for your phone model. These files can be found on specialized sites or forums using any of the search engines. To download the Russian language in the phone menu and messages, you must have the file EN.lng. For Russian T9 function uses the file EN.t9.
Get access to the hidden file system of your phone. To do this, download and install on your PC plugins for FAR manager JDFlasher, SEFP or A2 Uploader. After installation connect your phone to the computer and connect it with the plugin.
Go to the directory "ofs" or "bfs" in the plugin menu. Then follow the path tpa\preset\system\language. In this directory the files are located in languages.
Find in open files folder lng.dat lng.lst and allowed_language.txt. Select them and remove from the phone, which just hit the F9 key, and then confirm the operation in the information window.
Create a new file called allowed_language.txt. Open it and enter through a comma the languages you want to use the phone. For example, write "en, EN". Select UTF-8 encoding and save the file. Copy it to a folder tpa/preset/system/language. Then copy here the corresponding language files that you downloaded earlier.
Shape file customize_upgrade.xml in which write special code for your languages. This text can be found on the same sources, where are downloaded files Russian language. Save the document in UTF-8 and copy to folder tpa/preset/custom.
Go to the root directory of phone system and complete the plugins. If the program asks you to save changes, click "Yes" or "OK". Turn the phone on and check languages.