You will need
  • A PC Punto Switcher
Change language from English to Russian by simultaneous pressing certain keys. To change the language layout in a similar way, you need to press two keys: "Shift"+"Ctrl" or "Shift"+"Alt". Please note that you first need to press the "Shift" button, if you press first Alt, you activate thereby the toolbar of an open program, which in turn will slow down the pace.
In addition to the above method of change English language into Russian, you can also change the layout in the language settings. To do this, locate the taskbar shortcut, which will be responsible for input languages and click on it. In the window that opens put a dot next to "Russian". Thus, you change the keyboard layout. If you click on the language bar, right-click, you will have access to the most advanced settings interface.
In addition to the manual shift keyboard, today can also be auto switching. In order not to waste time on frequent pressing keys "Shift"+"Alt", download the program and install it on your PC. This app will automatically choose the language for each that you enter words that will simplify your work with the computer.