Those people who dream to lose weight using exercise bike should know that the main load when the workouts will go on the thighs, buttocks and lower leg. In General, the lower part of the body. But this does not mean that the stomach, arms and back will lose weight.

The weight will go evenly through aerobic exercise and energy consumption. But the press for a beautiful and toned back will have to do additional exercises, but the legs and so will become beautiful, as they will be in constant operation.

We can say unequivocally that the exercise bike helps to lose weight. But in order for all parts of the body was nice and toned, you need to combine cardio with a set of exercises on the problem areas.

Exercise bike, like most machines, has a number of contraindications, so people with chronic diseases are encouraged to consult with your doctor.

How to train for weight loss

So, those who decided to seriously tackle its appearance, and as the assistant picked the bike must be set up to work. The weight loss program on any device cardioline implies regularity.

For beginners it is recommended to draw a graph of classes, which will be celebrated on training days and their duration. The best option for beginner – 3 to 4 classes in 7 days. Duration 25-30 minutes.

After 1-2 months you can start practicing 4-5 times a week for 45 minutes. People with good physical fitness who think that this rate of training will not bring results, you should exercise daily for 45-60 minutes.

It should be noted that people, long time engaged in the same pace, after some time ceased to see the results of training. So that the body is not accustomed to the monotonous load, it is necessary 1-2 times a week to arrange of interval classes. They last around 30 minutes and consist of alternating accelerations and work on the simulator. For example, the person 2 minutes pedals very quickly, and then 60 seconds restores power.

Another option to add variety to your workout – setting of different programs on the treadmill. For example, begin the lesson with a quiet ride, then put the walk on rough terrain and finish again at the usual pace.

When to expect results

The results of daily training on the bike can be seen after 1.5-2 months, and if you change the power mode, even before. Generally, people who dream to lose weight using cardio machines, it is recommended to start eating healthy food.

It is desirable not only to eat healthy foods, but also to monitor daily the amount of calories consumed. In this approach the weight loss process will go faster and lipolysis will be accelerated.

Reducing the normal diet by 200-300 kcal, actively playing on the bike, you can loose a few pounds in the first month of training.

After the desired weight is reached, you should not stop exercising on a stationary bike. You can only reduce their frequency. To maintain a good result will be enough for 2-3 classes per week. For example, it is possible to arrange one training session for 60 minutes, and other days short of 20. So you will not feel fatigue, and the body will remain in shape.