That will help to lose weight?

First you need to understand that the simulators are of two types – weights and cardio equipment. This means that if you want to build muscle, then choose the first option if you need to lose weight – the second. The cardiovascular equipment is the exercise bike, stepper, ritual exerciser, elliptical and treadmill.
Stepper – walking the stairs

So we'll start with a stepper. This is one of the most popular home trainers. It takes up little space, is inexpensive, and using it is very simple. The stepper allows you to lose weight step-by-step, simulating walking on the stairs. In Steppers usually embedded time counters, steps, as well as load regulation and pulse. Doing this on the treadmill for twenty minutes a day, you'll quickly see the result. But there are drawbacks – during the classes breathing is not too deep, involved a small percentage of the muscles, a small range of motion. And the conclusion is clear: the stepper is not the most effective exercise machine for weight loss.
Bike hard you will pedal

It is definitely effective device that helps to maintain good physical shape and helps to lose weight. By bike you will strengthen your legs, endurance of the cardiovascular system will increase significantly. There is already loads far more seriously than on the stepper. However, the lack of too – given that classes are conducted sitting, calories are burned not so effective.
Rowing machine – rowing, and burn fat

This is one of the most popular simulators, since almost all muscles are used during class. When the lungs are actively ventilated, and fat is burned with enormous intensity. In addition, motion during the "rowing" improve the flexibility of the spine and help stretch muscles. And this may indeed be the most effective exercise machine for weight loss for women with type figure "pear". But those who have the "inverted triangle" or "hourglass" in this simulator is better not to do, because the figure can start to grow incorrectly and become disproportionate.
Treadmill – the way to slim figure

In the opinion of the majority, the most effective exercise machine for weight loss – just did the treadmill. While you run, the breath becomes deep, too, involved a large number of muscles. And you need to understand that this machine is not suitable for the lazy, because during class will make you sweat.
"Ellipsoid" is easy but not so effective

During the training on these simulators calories burned fairly active, well-strengthening the muscles of the legs and buttocks. In General, the efficiency of such a treadmill, but the past still helps to achieve much better results.