Types of simulators

Trainers and sports doctors in one voice say that lose weight best cardio equipment. During training loaded a variety of muscle groups, there is a saturation of the body with oxygen. Due to this the calories burned very quickly. Cardio effective for weight loss only in the case of regular use.

Workouts on the trainer are so effective, how many muscles activated during class. The most popular stationary bikes are the treadmill, cycle upright, elliptical, stepper and Cycling machine.

Most effective promote weight loss classes on a treadmill. One hour Jogging you can lose around 700 calories. During exercise, breathing becomes most profound and the muscle work very intensively. This helps a good functioning of the cardiovascular system and lungs.

Classes at the octagon

The ellipsoid is slightly inferior to the treadmill in efficiency, especially when compared to umershemu calories. However, I have got plenty of their own advantages. Training on it at the same time resemble walking on skis, riding a stationary bike and the UPS-downs on the stepper.

Training on this device can be effective and very exciting. The ellipsoid is an excellent choice for people with diseases of joints and a solid weight, which is contraindicated for many types of physical activities. During class it is almost impossible to injure the knees and spine, as movements occur in a smooth elliptical path. The trainer has hooks for hands, which allow you to evenly develop the muscles of the shoulder girdle and hands.

Exercise equipment for stomach

The simplest and most effective exerciser to reduce the abdomen volume is the usual hoops. He has a lot of advantages, this includes a small weight and dimensions, high efficiency, affordable price. The hoops are different, with ribbed and smooth surface, different weight. Using them it is possible to form a thin waist and to work the abdominal muscles. You should start with mild smooth hoops, they will prepare the muscles for more serious loads.

Want to lose weight and reduce belly can use advanced drive health and Ryder. Ryder is a combo device. On the one hand he's got the belt, and on the other disk. The daily rotation of the disk will improve the overall tone and oblique muscles, muscular stomach. If the goal is not only to reduce belly, you need exercise and exercise equipment of another type.