Remember that the benefits of training on the bike will be visible only after an hour of continuous exercise. Ideally, to give the bike should be at least 40 minutes a day. Training regime, define themselves according to their feelings. If you want to study in the morning, do it in a few hours after waking up. Evening sports "physical exercise" spend at least a couple of hours before bedtime and immediately after dinner.
Classes on a stationary bike should always begin with warm-up exercises: squats, stretching, bending. During a workout, don't overdo the water: it is recommended not to drink it, but only slightly wet mouth. If your physical training allows, use to practice false cuffs on the legs for weight and enhance the effect.
Exercises on a stationary bike well-pumped muscles of the anterior region of the thigh. Sit tight on the saddle, slightly tilt the torso forward, partially shifting the weight of the body on the hands. The saddle height set so that you straighten the legswhen the pedals are in the lower position, but not to pass from side to side in the saddle, trying to reach the fallen pedals.
The main burden should fall on the front of the hips while moving the bike down. The other leg, passively climbing up, resting. The ankles and feet cyclically repetitive motion in a circle, which are slightly ahead of the center of gravity of the body or directly underneath. Breathe rhythmically and synchronized with the operation of the lower limbs. Ensure that both legs get the same amount of load, but the hands, head and back remained relaxed.
Correctly expose mode loads on the bike. If you easily overcome the rate at 60-80 rpm, so this mode is too easy for you and of effect of such training will not. Increase load up to 100-110 rpm. In any case, to start training is recommended with a small load and time, gradually increasing the turnover of the pedals and duration.