Who the merchandiser

The merchandiser is the employee in the sphere of trade, who is charged with a long list of responsibilities. Some mistakenly believe that the responsibilities of this person of this profession is only the correct merchandise.

In fact, the employee should regularly review the demand of a product, to monitor shelf life, carry out promotional activities. Simply put, the merchandiser needs to maximize sales.

Store administration prefers to recruit for the position of merchandiser young people up to 25 years. This work is suitable outgoing personalities with a creative nature who like to communicate with different people.

Still in Russia in any University do not prepare graduates merchandisers, there are weekly courses, which teach the basics of this profession. Companies-employers from many applicants prefer those who have completed or are enrolled in the Economics faculty.

What is the job of a merchandiser

Merchandiser puts the goods at its discretion. He was given a ready-made plan calculations, according to which he offers the goods on the shelves. But hide deep into the shelves more fresh products, put on display those who have the ends on the expiration date is a merchandiser make in its sole discretion. But products with expired, he is obliged to remove from the shelves.

As calculations the worker needs to follow commodity product, package integrity, to ensure order on the shelves.

At the point where the work of the staff supplied is, the merchandise should the employees of this outlet, and the duties of the merchandiser include only the control. Also, the merchandiser has to monitor residues of goods in stock, the advertising and promotional materials.

How hard can it be

Merchandiser to work with someone difficult, and someone is doing his job quite easily. This post implies that the whole day you have to hold in motion, constantly communicate with people and carry heavy objects.

It is easier to work as a merchandiser at one point, i.e., stationary. Such a worker is constantly in one place, without traveling. He does one point, well acquainted with the staff of the store, knows the mentality of the patrons. Accordingly, it is a great opportunity to increase sales, which will affect wages in a positive way.

It is much harder to serve multiple outlets. This merchandiser is constantly on the move. Serving from 5 to 15 outlets per day. He can do a lot not make it, that will negatively affect the amount of his wages.