What to do if the merchandiser

It is widely believed that merchandisers just put the goods in the shops, and that their responsibilities end. In fact it is not. The people working at this position must not only arrange the goods, but also to analyze different variants of their arrangement on the shelves and choose the most appropriate ways. Their task is to arrange the shelves so that buyers gave preference to the most expensive merchandise and acquire more things.

It is also the responsibility of a merchandiser is to check the expiry date of the goods and their packaging. If on the shelves was the product in rumpled or dirty packaging should solve the problem, this employee of the store. If buyers mix the products and put it on the shelf where it should not be, the merchandiser needs to put everything in order. Finally, the merchandisers often organize advertising campaigns.

The details of a merchandiser

Beginner merchandiser performs responsibilities in "Lite mode". It is not necessary to consider how to properly lay out the goods. He does not have to choose things which need to be placed at eye level buyers to increase sales. Such employee be given planogram, and he has only right to put things on the shelves, referring to the circuit. During the day, the merchandiser also has to restore order on the sales floor to ensure that all products and labels were in their places, and, if necessary, and to bring new products for sale.

Merchandisers a higher level and perform other work. Their responsibilities include the analysis of competitors ' prices and pick the best value of each product. A good merchandiser knows that you can hardly understate the price of the main product, but earn related. For example, you can sell cheaper camera, but a little bit to inflate the price of the lens, bag, protective film, products for care of the optics.

The working day of the merchandiser also includes the monitoring of each type of goods in the warehouse. The specialist must ensure that products with expiring was sold before the total, and that the store was replenished uniformly. A good merchandiser will not allow any empty shelves or overflow warehouse.

Finally, the representatives of this profession have to select and position advertising materials. They are looking for a venue for promotions, placing advertising stands and posters, spread the goods on the special shelves so that buyers not only pay attention to them, but also wished to acquire. This work requires experience, special knowledge, and willingness to act creatively.