The color of stool child is in direct proportion to its power. If the baby is fed exclusively with mother's milk, the presence in feces is green lumps is often the norm. Still, many young moms are concerned about this fact. Because of baby poop is considered the more traditional yellow color. Green stool sometimes indicates a malfunction of the intestine and the presence of infection, but most often it is caused by errors in the diet.
If a nursing mother does not follow the diet and consume foods rich in preservatives and food additives, it is possible to expect the emergence of "green" in the stool of the baby. Also green can cause use mom green vegetables such as green peas, celery, broccoli. Food poisoning of the mother changes the composition of breast milk and it can cause green stool in a child. The same service can be receiving a mother antibiotics or preparations containing iron.
The green color in the feces of infants may be present from simple malnutrition. If during feeding the child sucks the breast is not until the end that he is not getting enough fats, which are found in the last portions of milk. In children on artificial food, malnutrition can occur due to poor appetite. Also green blotches can occur when feeding the baby formula that contains a lot of iron. It is sometimes caused by an allergic reaction in the transition to a new kind of mixture.
Teething can serve as a prerequisite for the appearance of green color stool. Colds, flu, viral infections cause the appearance of diarrhea, mucus and greenery in the feces of the baby. The most unpleasant and undesirable cause of green stool is the dysbiosis. In this case, there is an unpleasant smell. If the child consumes only breast milk, dysbacteriosis not afraid of him. It is a violation of the microflora often appears in iskusstvennomu.
Threat green lumps in the stool of the baby or not, will help to determine his health. If the child is calm and happy, he has a good appetite, and the reasons for concern. But if in Calais there were fragments of blood, excessive mucus and putrid smell, it is possible to suspect the presence of intestinal infection or dysbiosis. While your baby may become restless and irritable, worried about his colic and spitting up after eating. In this case visit a doctor it is better not to tighten.
You should not always panic when Kale baby green lumps. But it is better to consult about this with your doctor.