You will need
  • - wash hands;
  • - to sit on a chair;
  • - to breathe correctly;
  • - to concentrate.
First wash your hands with soap and water. Sit on a chair in a comfortable position, straighten your spine.
Start breathing slowly and rhythmically. Take a deep breath, hold your breath and exhale air. Breathe this way for a few minutes.
For 20 seconds RUB palms together. Arms out to the side at a distance of 30cm. Then very slowly zoom in to them (at a speed of 1mm per second). When the distance between your hands will be 5cm, you can begin to create the energy ball.
Keep your palms facing each other, then slightly spread them apart and again back to the original position. Do this until until you feel warm. It would mean that began an interaction energy of your hands.
Take a deep breath and the output is send all the energy into the hands. Imagine you sculpt a snowball from the pure white sparkling energy that when you inhale rises from the bowels of the Earth, with breath comes to your crown of your head and rushes into Space. And when you exhale you from Space flows like the purest stream of white energy. It passes through the crown of the head, goes to the hands of your hands and from the center of palms twisted into a ball.
When ball reaches your desired volume, you will need to program it. Imagine a Golden beam that you charge your power and will. This beam needs to penetrate the ball and give it to your program.
Now remove one hand. The ball should not disappear. Return the hand to the place and find it. Do the same with the other hand. You should clearly feel the border of the ball. Put it in one hand, then the other. If you feel it, so he is ready.
Energy ball can be invested in the amulet. Also, you can learn to manage them.
Take a deep breath. On the exhale, feel how the ball flies in a given direction. It can be used if someone needed energy assistance. Throw a ball unnoticed in the back. However, never leave his head. It may cause dizziness.