If your cough continues for more than three weeks, it should alert you, as it is already beginning to pass into the chronic stage. And the first thing you need to do is to figure out the cause, that is, the disease to be treated, as he cough is not a disease, but only its manifestation. And if you're not a doctor, but want to recover, the best option for you would be to visit the clinic. But if the doctor for some reason you do not like, now there are plenty of opportunities to make a different choice – clinics enough. But only a specialist can accurately diagnose and offer proper treatment.
The most common mistake of people who try to treat the abuse of antibiotics, especially if the disease has gone away, and drugs are taken all the same from year to year. Do not repeat the mistakes of others! Take only those antibiotics prescribed by the doctor and only on the basis of analyses of sputum, define your sensitivity to medications.
Chronic cough can be defeated only when the bronchi are cleared. To do this: first, remove the inflammation, and secondly, phlegm, thirdly, to stimulate the normal functioning of the bronchial epithelium cells. Take drugs that thin mucus, such as ACC, bronholitin, mukaltin etc. They will cope with the acute phase of the disease. Also, you need supportive and restorative drugs in the first place, vitamins a, b, C, E, lecithin and breast fees.
Try to enrich your diet with sea fish, meat, dairy products. Food should be high in calories, sweets and other carbohydrates contain a lot of products refrain. Also often eat salads made of fresh vegetables.
For the treatment of chronic cough use a very old proven tool - a mixture of milk with goat fat. Always prepared fresh mixture: boil 300 g of milk, slightly cool and add a tablespoon of goat fat and honey. Drink the big gulps, cuddle up and go to bed. They say that this means that you need to drink three times a day during the entire acute period of the disease, not only heals the person, but also restores power.
Find a way to visit physiotherapy treatments prescribed by your doctor and do breathing exercises. If you're consistent and persistent, you will soon forget about your illness.