The beginning of the movement when riding in a car with automatic transmission

As a car mechanic to drive a car with a gun, you need to start and warm up engine. The colder it is outside, the more time you must wait before driving.

It is important to remember that to start the car with the automatic transmission only when the gear lever in neutral position N or P.

To start, you should switch to the appropriate mode. To drive forward - put the lever in D, backward. Press gas it should only once felt a slight jolt, signifying that the machine was removed from "neytralke".

It is also important not to forget to remove the car from the hand brake.

How to drive a car with a gun: pedal

In car with automatic transmission, unlike cars with a manual transmission has two pedals: gas and brake. Control the machine only need one foot, holding it on the gas pedal. The other leg at this time must be to the left of the brake on a special stand. Otherwise, in the event of road hazard and need to brake you can press the gas pedal coasting. To brake in a car with automatic transmission, remove the foot off the gas and push down on the brake pedal.

How to drive on cars with automatic: transmission

The automatic transmission has several modes.

When the lever is in position R, the drive wheels and the shaft is locked. This mode is used when parked and long stops. Switch to parking should be only after a full stop. To translate the lever in this position, you need to hold the brake. If you include P while driving the car with a gun, a car can break.

If car put in Park on a relatively flat surface, using the handbrake can be optional. If the slope is steep, then removing the load on the mechanisms of auto you can optionally use the handbrake.

To put the car with a gun in P mode with the handbrake, proceed as follows:

- press on the brake, pull the Parking brake;

to release the brake (the car can slightly pull);

- press brake and put the lever in R.

To play with handbrake, you need to switch the box mode of motion, and then release the handbrake while holding the brake.

To turn back on the machine with the machine, it is necessary to completely stop the car and hold the brake, move the gear lever to R position.

A lot of controversy among those who do not know how to ride on the machine, about the situation of N.

This mode is used to move the machine short distances, for example, in the service, with the engine running. Many believe that when coasting downhill to save gas, including neutral, but it is not. As at the end of the slope, you must again turn on the engine, and this gives additional load on the box. Also, do not put the car in N when stopping, e.g. at traffic lights.

To ride the machine at any speed, you need to use the mode D.

On a bad road or when towing the car it is possible to include box in position 2. This will allow you to switch the car to the transmission higher than the second.

If you are going to disperse the car up to 80 km/h, then use limit gear is not recommended.

If road conditions do not allow travel at a speed more than 15 km/h, you can include ReDim L, then the car will only go in first gear.

In cars with a gun might have a special mode OverDrive (O/D). If this button is recessed, the vehicle may switch on the fourth speed. Such a regime need to move on protracted climbs and overtaking, when you need quick acceleration.

On cars with automatic transmission there is also a mode kik-Daun. It is enabled if there is a sharp press on the gas pedal. Thanks to this, the machine is sharply accelerated, however, moving from the spot, to use this function is not recommended.

In SNOW mode it is convenient to travel in the winter. With this mode, the machine starts moving with the second speed, which reduces slippage.

Thus, to ride a machine simply. The main thing - practice.