If you purchased a car with an automatic transmission (automatic transmission), do not think that all problems on this end. To manage such a car is really simple, but first you have to get used to this machine, to gain some skills in management.
In cars with automatic transmission only two pedals, not three, like a machine with the mechanics. One pedal is responsible for the "gas" and one for "brake". At the same time pushing them is not recommended, it can lead to breakage, so just train yourself to press them with one foot. The other leg while driving keep on a special stand that simulates the pedal. This will help you to wean from the clutch pedal to "mechanics".
The speed switch knob on the automatic gearbox when driving in normal mode, put on “D” and do not try to move it in the other modes unnecessarily. For example, standing at a traffic light, put the car in “N” or “P”, it will not help to save gas and not make life easier for your steel horse. Try to keep on the steering wheel with both hands.
If you are in the habit of "mechanics" trying to grasp the handle switching speeds, make it touching, you understand - that something is wrong. To do this, adjust the material from which made the finish on the handle. If the handle of your previous car had leather, wrap a pen with fur or put on her inflatable rubber ball.
Before you leave the city, try first to practice on the racetrack or drive on the highway a few tens of kilometers. This will help you better learn the management lessons of the new car. Finally learning to drive a car with automatic transmission, you will truly appreciate the benefits of your vehicle.