At minus fifteen degrees, the oil becomes viscous, so that raises the pressure in the box. So better you spend a few minutes to warm up the engine than to pay a lot of money for the repair of automatic transmissions.
Many owners of cars with automatic transmission in the cold season, I prefer to drive at low speed, warming up the engine, while not developing great speed. It's not always convenient, so you better warm up the oil before the trip.
Start to warm up:
a. Start the engine and wait a while.
b. After the engine is stable money, secure car hand brake. Momentum in this case does not raise - it threatens to disable your automatic transmission.
c. After 1-3 minutes of running engine at idle, move the selector lever to the neutral position (R) for a few seconds, then to (D).
d. In this mode, the warm oil two to four minutes.
e. All we can safely start and go about their business.
How to warm up the automatic transmission
Do not be afraid of this procedure, this is nothing terrible, as on city streets and at traffic lights you do the same.