Before driving you need to start and warm up engine. In freezing temperatures the best time of warming up of the engine is considered to be 15-20 minutes. When severe frosts - up to half an hour. If the engine is diesel, the time of heating increases by 7-10 minutes.
An important role plays fit in the car. Sitting down, you should rest back in the seat-back. Hands on the wheel should be slightly bent. Hands you should be free to get to the dashboard, gear boxes. Slide the seat so that your feet can reach the pedals without moving the case. The feet should not be much bent at the knees.
With the engine running, look at the dashboard. There reflects the current status of consumables of the vehicle. If a bulb has been burning oil, then it should pour. View the rest of the petrol, maybe it is time to wrap up at the gas station. If you have on-Board computer, view its data. All system errors will be immediately displayed.
After sufficient engine warm-up, you can start the movement. Switch on the low beam, seat belt, close the Central locking. Before driving view in the side mirror, make sure that the machines on the trajectory of your movement there or you miss. Turn on the Blinker.
If you have a manual transmission, depress the clutch, put it in first gear, drop the handbrake and smoothly releasing the clutch, press the gas pedal. A little overclocking and switch second gear. Then proceed to the traffic.
If you have an automatic gearbox, press the brake pedal. Slide the gear lever from the Parking position to the Drive position. Keep your foot on the brake pedal. The machine will start the slow movement. Adjust the acceleration of the car the gas pedal.