Automatic transmission requires more careful handling than "mechanics". This is because, if handled incorrectly, with the "mechanics" replacement will require, as a rule, only the clutch. But if you break the "automatic" then change or repair have the whole box. And such a repair can cost the car owner a lot of money.
The convenience of automatic transmission is in the first place, no need to press the clutch and shift gears. To begin the movement, you need to squeeze the brake, put the gear shift knob from position P (parking) to position D and release the brake. The machine will start the slow motion, you will only gain speed with the gas pedal.
If you want to move backward, out of the P position, the handle must be in position R. the Braking by pressing the brake pedal. Soak until the brake pedal is pressed, the vehicle won't move. As soon as you want to move the brake pedal to let go. If you want to stay longer, you must apply the brakes to a complete stop and put the gear lever in the Parking position.
A significant disadvantage of the automatic transmission can be considered some thoughtfulness during acceleration, especially when low-power engine. Fans of fast driving and if you choose automatic, then try to take the box with sport mode (Tiptronic). But common now many brands of robotic box owners are not happy. She is very thoughtful, may fail in cases when you need to dramatically pick up speed when overtaking. Such box is necessary to be accustomed. When you need to quickly get up to speed and you step on the gas, you can feel that the car as a thoughtful and the tachometer needle stopped. At this point, the gas is quickly reset and again click a few times translational motions.
Attention requires automatic transmission in the cold season. Always good warm up car before driving – the oil in the box can freeze. If you are stuck, then pull the car "vraskachku" is impossible. Will have to take the help of other motorists. On slippery road it is impossible to apply the engine brake and work the clutch. But in General, the automatic transmission is indispensable in the conditions of urban traffic and the adaptation period behind the wheel.