Progesterone is a biologically active substance that is produced in the ovaries and adrenal glands of women and prepares women's body for conception and pregnancy. He is responsible for the normal flow of the menstrual cycle, helps the fertilized egg to gain a foothold in the uterus, stimulates growth, contributes to the development of tissues. In the middle of each menstrual cycle in women is a significant increase of progesterone in the blood, thus the body is prepared every time to pregnancy.
If the level of progesterone in the blood of women below normal, in some cases, the consolidation of the fetus in the uterus and pregnancy begins. In other cases, if conception was successful, there is a high risk of miscarriage. Symptoms of low progesterone: menstrual disorders, irritability, swelling and pain in the Breasts, headaches. When such symptoms should see a doctor, pass the necessary tests and begin treatment. To increase the level of progesterone in the blood can not only medicines, but also specific food, as some foods contribute to the production of this hormone. But you have to understand that at critical a small amount of progesterone that is not enough and medication is necessary.
The production of sex hormones in the human body occurs under the action of cholesterol that enter the bloodstream from food or synthesized in the body. If there is a reduced blood cholesterol (the so-called "good cholesterol", which does not form plaques and blood clots), progesterone and other hormones will be produced in smaller quantities. Cholesterol is found in protein foods: meat, eggs, fish. But this does not mean that you need to eat a lot of fatty foods rich in "bad" cholesterol: choose lean meats, don't overdo the egg yolks, do not eat fried.
The production of progesterone in the body increase some vegetables, fruits and berries: squash, carrots, eggplant, avocado, peppers, raspberries, potatoes, starchy fruit. A good helping of sunflower seeds, they have a lot of vegetable fats that are important for the synthesis of hormones. Do not forget about other vegetable oils: olive, linseed, mustard.
Progesterone increase different herbs that have long been used in folk medicine to enhance probability of getting pregnant. This is plantain, cuff, wild Yam, raspberry leaves. Of these herbs infusions that need to be taken several times a day. And other plants, on the contrary, decrease the production of progesterone: this is a mint, clover, licorice.
Affect the synthesis of progesterone walnuts, dairy products, all legumes, including soy, grains and flour products.