To deactivate her Facebook page a snap. Go to Facebook under your username and password. At the top of your page, right click the icon arrow down. In the opened list select the menu item "account Settings".
How to delete a page in Facebook
In the opened page "General account settings" on the left you will see a menu. Select the "Security" section by clicking the left mouse button.
How to delete a page in Facebook
On the page "security Settings" find the blue link "Deactivate your account" which is below the selected font settings. Click on it.
How to delete a page in Facebook
On the confirmation page, you deactivate you will need to explain the reason for leaving. Then put a check in the "Rejection emails", so as not to receive emails from Facebook. Click "Confirm".
How to delete a page in Facebook
In the opened window confirm password confirm your password to continue with the deactivation. Then click "Deactivate now." In the next window security check enter the text you see on the picture in the specified field. Click "Send".
How to delete a page in Facebook
Your account was disabled. In this case, your information will not be lost, because at any moment you can restore your page. You will need to log in to Facebook by typing the email address and password of your account.
How to delete a page in Facebook
If deactivation is not enough for you, you can delete your Facebook page entirely. To do this, click on the link to the page "Delete account":
On the opened page you will see a warning that deleting your page, you will not be able to recover or obtain any information or materials you have added on Facebook. If you do decide to delete your account, click "Send".
How to delete a page in Facebook
You will see a window "Permanently delete account". Enter in the appropriate field and your password from the Facebook page code from the image and click "OK". In the next window will say that your profile is turned off on the website. It will be removed completely after 14 days. During this time you will be able your profile to recover.
How to delete a page in Facebook
Then don't go to your page, do not press the "share" button, etc. in 2 weeks from Facebook completely disappear your comments, photos and other information.