This phenomenon is capable of producing depressing, especially for those people who are rarely in the Church or have recently converted. There is a desire to find some sort of "hidden meaning", to understand why this is happening, especially if this happens at the funeral service of a loved one. A thought creeps in that this could be a hint at the unhappy fate of the deceased in the afterlife.

Folk legends

Advisers wishing to explain to the confused man, the nature of this phenomenon is abound. All examples of modern "folklore" concerning a smoky Church candles, are reduced to one thought: if the candle smokes black smoke, it is no accident, it speaks of the abundance of some "negative energy".

What is "negative energy" so that no one can really explain the physics know nothing about her, the priests – even more so. It does not prevent to say that if a candle smokes in the hands of a certain person – it means, it is necessary to "clean aura", and if the apartment means housing also needs "energy cleansing". To do this it is recommended that the same Church candles, because the flame has the property to destroy the "dark energy". Especially a lot of this energy in the corners, it is necessary to stand with a candle a little longer, as well as in those places where it is strongest smokes and crackles.

The Opinion Of The Church

The clergy do not take such arguments seriously. The lighting candles before an image of the Saviour or of some Saint is not a magic rite aimed at achieving a certain specific goal, and the visible, material expression of prayer. Clean Christian should not the mythical "aura", and the soul, and this is done through repentance, and not using candles. To sanctify housing is possible and necessary, but it must be done by the priest, who will perform a special ceremony, not having any relation to "energy cleansing".

No need to search any "secret signs" in everything that happens in the temple. If the Lord sees fit to give a sign for a Christian, it'll make It so that people do not confuse this sign with nothing. All other search for hidden meaning belong to the category of superstition, making people fear the future and even lose trust in God.

Crackling and Smoking when lighting Church candles only says its low quality. This effect can be observed, in particular, if the plant in the manufacture of candles, the wax mixed with ceresin. To pay attention to such phenomena, especially fear them not worth it.