Features additional health insurance

The additional health insurance policy can make anyone. Usually the contract is for one year or for a specified period. For example, if you participate in sports competitions, insurance can be purchased only during the traumatic period.
Additional insurance for travel abroad is voluntary. However, when entering some countries VHI is absolutely necessary.

Policy LCA involves the provision of certain health care and ensures cost recovery for treatment of the diseases mentioned in the list. The policyholder can choose a clinic from the list of institutions with which the insurance company contracted. Supplementary health insurance practised by the majority of companies carrying out insurance activity.

The voluntary medical insurance program means the provision of diagnostic, therapeutic, emergency, inpatient and outpatient care to the insured person. In addition, be of medical diagnostic and therapeutic procedures.

The types of DMS

There are several types of voluntary health insurance programs: comprehensive insurance, insurance for women during pregnancy and childbirth, child insurance and providing assistance in an emergency. In a broad sense, voluntary medical insurance is divided into two categories – collective and individual.
Supplemental health insurance ensures not only the treatment and diagnosis of diseases but also the delivery of the patient to the appropriate facility.

In the first case, the employer enters into a contract DMS to several employees of the organization. Such insurance provides some assurance in different fields of medicine. For example, regular dental visits and dental care, insurance from accidents on production, and compensation treatment of the diseases contracted by the employee due to the work on hazardous sites.

In the second case all items of the VHI are calculated and are written strictly on an individual basis. Some types of insurance involve a preliminary examination by a health professional. This requirement is necessary to identify existing conditions.

Every form of additional medical insurance has its own characteristics and nuances. At the conclusion of the policy, you must carefully consider the terms of the contract. It is important to understand that mandatory and voluntary insurance is a different set of services. In the first case the insured person is the minimum package of guarantees provided by the state. The second you determine the volume and types of services, and takes part in the formation of the insurance programs you need.

Benefits additional medical insurance

Appeal to district medical institutions often are accompanied by numerous problems. First you for a long time trying to call in the registry, then you have to wait for their turn to receive a pass. Also, to get on reception to the doctor, you will have one hour to spend in the clinic corridor.

Service contract additional health insurance is much faster. This service is carefully monitored by the insurer, thereby provided the most comfortable conditions. The doctor-the curator may visit the patient at home or in the clinic at certain times, so waiting in line is completely eliminated. The main thing you need to do in the case of insurance – call your agent and report the problem. In no time the insured person will be provided a high quality service of care.