Advice 1: How to lengthen dress

The need to lengthen the dress can appear in different situations. For example, recently bought new dress was provocatively short, the thing the village after washing, or its owner has grown a few inches. If you use the advice of experienced seamstresses, to independently change the length of the dress will be easy.
How to lengthen a dress?
To properly lengthen a dress, you first need to answer 2 questions:
- how many centimetres you want to add to the length of the dress was the best;
- do not deteriorate the appearance of the model after enlargement.

When a solution is found, it should be to dream a little and to prepare everything necessary for the alteration: measuring tape, ruler, scissors, sewing machine, small pieces of fabric or finishing materials.

Lengthening the dress without changing the appearance

If you need to extend the product a few inches, you should turn it wrong side and inspect the seams. The dress, the hem of which is filed 3-4 cm, it is possible to unpick the hem and carefully ironed it. Then you should try the dress on to make sure that the resulting length of the product corresponds to the desired.

The lower section of the hem of the summer dress can be turned over with bias binding in a contrasting color or handle braid. To the bottom of dresses made of thick fabric, you should sew a strip with a width of 4-5 cm from a fabric of suitable colour, to bend it on the wrong side and hem with hidden stitches.

In models with cross seams, such as chest, waist or hips, a desired elongation can be achieved by reducing the width of the seams. For this you need to lay a new line at a distance of 0.5 cm from the edge parts, and the old line to strut. After that, the seams should be ironed. This method allows you to lengthen the dress by 1-1. 5 cm due to each weld.

The elongation of the product changing the style

If the dress needs to be lengthened by more than 4-5 cm have to make changes in its structure. The easiest option, which is suitable for dresses above-knee length to sew the hem wide lace or some decorative multi-colored strips of fabric matching colors. You can sew the hem of the dress 1 flounce or ruffles 2 different widths. This will update the appearance of the product, make it more fashionable and interesting.

To make the extension look more harmonious, the model should be supplemented by a few details from the same material, for example, a lace bow or belt of fabric used for the elongation of the product.

Looks interesting dress, elongated transparent inserts. It's enough to cut the skirt into several parts. Thus the line of the cut should go parallel to the line of the bottom of the product and be at a distance of 12-15 cm from each other. To the resulting parts of the split skirt wide lace or strip of transparent or fishnet fabric. As a result, the updated dress will be more romantic and soft look.

Advice 2: How to hem dress

You have almost completed sewing the dress - stitch shoulder and side seams, cut the edge of the neckline and sewed the sleeves left to sew the hems. About how to do it properly, you will learn by reading some helpful tips.
How to hem dress
You will need
  • sewing machine special foot-switch for processing the edges of the articles, needles, thread, dressmaker pins.
The edge of the dress can be laced in different ways depending on the fabric and the shape of the region. If the edge of the product smooth and dress sewn from a fabric of average density, it is sew a normal stitch and the edge of the hem width of 5 cm. On dresses from intractable tissue of the lower bend must be pre-baste or pin dressmaker pins.
Have dress, sewn from lightweight fabric, hem stitched a narrow seam or spin it on hand, and the edge of the overcast. You should not tighten the edge of the item is wider than 4 mm. the easiest method is to buttonhole stitch over the edge. What stitches are smaller and more often, the more beautiful the finished seam. On dresses of fine fabrics and a little edge podymaetsja obmenivaetsya frequent small stitches. If you are going to hem special devices, please note that this requires sufficient experience. Only in this case, the edges of products from thin or knitted fabrics will be exactly filed.
To easy to sew dress with a sewing machine? requires a special foot-switch, which is supplied to the machine. This foot really helps when you need to quickly hem the edge of the item. If you are doing this operation for the first time, it is better to do it on the wrong piece of material. Bending the edge, it lay at the thread pinned to the corner in a curl presser foot-switch so that material came to the foot exactly and fabric fills the cavity.
In those cases where the dress you need to sew a wide seam, hem it on the sewing machine with a regular foot. The edge of the dress bends to a certain width, zametyvayut or produisait. Then the edge prostrachivajut, well, closing up the angle.
If you sew a dress from a dense thick tissue, it is not necessary to bend the edge, as the fabric is folded in half after you ironed the product will be imprinted on the front side. In this case it is better to fold the fabric inside out once and manually sew a hidden seam, or attach the stitch-cross-stitch.

Advice 3: How to lengthen the hem of the dress

Sometimes perfect in every way dress the figure looks ridiculous or inappropriate due to the fact that his length is not enough only a few centimeters. In this case, do not postpone it to unnecessary things and we should try to increase the hem to the optimum size.
How to lengthen the hem of the dress
You will need
  • - compatible fabric;
  • - sewing threads to tone;
  • - sewing machine;
  • - scissors;
  • - lace tape;
  • needle;
  • - the spokes with fishing line;
  • - a crochet hook;
  • - the thread crochet.
Consider the hem hem of the dress. Sometimes its width is 3-4 inches, and often they are quite enough to outfit the villages perfectly. In this case, you need to carefully unpick the seam machine, or delete the thread, if the edge was processed manually. Smooth the fabric carefully Ratatouille. If wrinkles are smoothed out, soak the material and try again. Pick a thin fabric tonal base material dresses, vykroyte of her strip, whose length corresponds to the width of the skirt of the dress. Put her face in the hem, pristrochite on the sewing machine. Turn so that the tissue slices remained between the layers of the hem and the auxiliary strips. Iron, ensure that the front side was not visible other tissue. Fold the auxiliary strip, lay the line or manually process it a hidden seam. Again iron the hem of the dress.
Use material suitable dress in texture and color. If the product has a straight fit, its hem to lengthen it by sewing to the rectangular piece of fabric. Dress will benefit from this, especially if you manage to successfully combine different types of fabric. The width of the insert can be any, so the mini model can be easily converted to MIDI. That the image was harmonious, can be decorated in a similar way sleeve. In addition to simple direct insertion dress can be lengthened at the expense of the shuttlecock. Item can be cut according to the principle "the sun" or they may be gathered along one edge a strip of cloth. If desired, decorate the dress with several flounces.
Use lace and guipure ribbon with a crochet edge if you need to lengthen the hem of a vintage or romantic dresses. The upper edge of the decorative braid must be placed under the edge of the skirt and to lay the line. Due to the sheer lightweight texture of this lace insert will not burden the image. Very impressive dress that uses elastic in a contrasting color.
Extend knit dress knit by using knitting needles or the hook. It is desirable to use thread of the same density and thickness as used in the creation of the product. Carefully type in the spokes with fishing line loops from the edge of the hem, tie a strip of the desired length. Hide the thread. The number of loops in the additional fragment of the dresses must match the number in the main part. If style and knit products allow, you can create a fishnet pattern on the edge of the hem with a hook.
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