You will need
  • sewing machine special foot-switch for processing the edges of the articles, needles, thread, dressmaker pins.
The edge of the dress can be laced in different ways depending on the fabric and the shape of the region. If the edge of the product smooth and dress sewn from a fabric of average density, it is sew a normal stitch and the edge of the hem width of 5 cm. On dresses from intractable tissue of the lower bend must be pre-baste or pin dressmaker pins.
Have dress, sewn from lightweight fabric, hem stitched a narrow seam or spin it on hand, and the edge of the overcast. You should not tighten the edge of the item is wider than 4 mm. the easiest method is to buttonhole stitch over the edge. What stitches are smaller and more often, the more beautiful the finished seam. On dresses of fine fabrics and a little edge podymaetsja obmenivaetsya frequent small stitches. If you are going to hem special devices, please note that this requires sufficient experience. Only in this case, the edges of products from thin or knitted fabrics will be exactly filed.
To easy to sew dress with a sewing machine? requires a special foot-switch, which is supplied to the machine. This foot really helps when you need to quickly hem the edge of the item. If you are doing this operation for the first time, it is better to do it on the wrong piece of material. Bending the edge, it lay at the thread pinned to the corner in a curl presser foot-switch so that material came to the foot exactly and fabric fills the cavity.
In those cases where the dress you need to sew a wide seam, hem it on the sewing machine with a regular foot. The edge of the dress bends to a certain width, zametyvayut or produisait. Then the edge prostrachivajut, well, closing up the angle.
If you sew a dress from a dense thick tissue, it is not necessary to bend the edge, as the fabric is folded in half after you ironed the product will be imprinted on the front side. In this case it is better to fold the fabric inside out once and manually sew a hidden seam, or attach the stitch-cross-stitch.