"Radonitsa" means a spring commemoration of the dead. Just at this period, when it begins to blossom in nature, living to appease the dead, remembering them, trying stripped from the dead the joy of the resurrection. Radonitsa urges believers not to worry and not to cry over the death of relatives, but rather to rejoice in their rebirth to a new eternal life. This holiday recognized by the Church, but it has pagan roots, folk.

The traditions of the Orthodox

On this day, people visit churches and temples, as well as listen to the funeral service. In addition, it is customary to bring treats to remember deceased loved ones in the home, in the workplace or near the graves of the deceased. The temple also decided to bring treats (cookies, candy), which after the service are distributed to the needy, something is passed in the orphanages of the Church.

Traditionally, parent's day, people visit the cemetery to give a decent view of the graves of their buried relatives. Before you arrive at the cemetery, must perform the following ritual: one of the relatives of the deceased have to attend a Church to the beginning of the memorial service to give a piece of paper with the name of the deceased. The deceased commemorated in the altar. Also welcome, if commemorated on this day will partake themselves.

The tradition of folk and pagan

There is another tradition in the parent day to leave food at the grave of the deceased. And leave some next to the grave of even a glass of vodka. But this tradition is not Orthodox, and refers to paganism. It is important to pray for the soul of the deceased, as edible products it is recommended to distribute to the poor, but do not leave them in the cemetery.

Many relatives tend to decorate the graves of their loved ones artificial flowers. To do this the Church strongly discourages, as this ritual is a process of deception. Artificial flowers – a symbol of all that is not real. To decorate the grave is only natural flowers and it is desirable that the flowers were from your own garden. From buying flowers, too, should refrain, the right thing to give money to the starving. Deceased relatives requires memory, not your pointless waste.

Visiting the grave of a deceased relative, we must remember his good deeds, called good deeds. It is important to remember the positive aspects of the character and to converse with the deceased. Family dinner is also a good tradition of parents ' day.