Perform accessory exercises for training different muscle groups. While pulling a heavy load gets back, so it is advisable to prepare her muscles for the upcoming training on the bar. Do the exercise "boat". Lie on your stomach, grab both feet and try as hard as possible to reel in this position. Repeat the exercise in 3 sets of 15-20 times. Also exercise from the floor on his knees and train your triceps with light weights. All this prepares the body for pull-UPS.
Strengthen your wrists by performing vis in under a minute. For pullups it is important to have a pretty good wrist, which is not most girls. So vis will gradually help to eliminate this deficiency. Grasp the bar grip at the top and straighten your arms. First hang as much as you can. Ideally, bring this exercise up to 60 seconds. To complicate the task hang small loads in the 1-2 kg on the legs or shoulders. Then the process of strengthening the wrists will go much faster.
Pull up at first, reverse grip. For many girls, a big problem to do it in a direct setting of the arms as the biceps in their structure more and can withstand more severe loading than the triceps. Grasp the crossbar reverse grip and slowly pull 3-4 times. Run possible 3-4 approach. It will be a good result at the moment.
Place your feet on a support while performing this exercise. It's another way for girls to learn quickly to catch up. If the crossbar is located on the Swedish side, it is just perfect. Put it on legs and put the top of the bar. Do 15-20 of flexion of the hand to the chin. Thus, you will train and press, and back, and hands and wrists.
Ask to insure you during pull-UPS. Once you already feel the strength to fully do this exercise, you will need a helper in the person of a coach or friend. Grasp the top of the bar, hang and try to catch up to the level of the chin alone. If on some level you do not have the energy, let the assistant will push up a bit. In the process of training you will have to do without him.