Advice 1: Why is the bird beats against the window

Birds beating in the window of a human dwelling, cause many people have negative emotions. And all because these creatures has long been associated with various signs, mostly not very favorable. Birds from the earliest times attributed to communication with parallel worlds is that feathered creature, beating in the window, brings news from another world. But not so simple as it seems.
A bird beats against the window not to trouble!
Among the folk beliefs associated with birds, there are both good and bad omens. Since time immemorial, different peoples, these feathered creatures are associated with mystic rites, being used in all sorts of spells, divination and other occult. From an esoteric point of view, the bird is a symbol of the human soul. It is believed that these creatures are directly connected with the higher planes of existence, so performing the role of heavenly messengers. Simply put, a bird that is knocking (or frankly even beats) the window carries the living to lead with light, i.e. any messages from dead relatives.
Negative color this belief betrays the fact that the message, which birds fly into the Windows to the living people, are mostly "lethal" nature: the bird already dead relatives allegedly require living with them reunited, i.e. to die. That's why some people believe that the bird beating in the window, to the dead man in the house. But there is in this bird behavior and good shade. People believe that if the window is beating it tit, blessed coming and good prospects. And all because of Tits anciently revered and considered representatives of the light forces.
But no matter how tied to the omens were not people, should put aside all superstitions and prejudices and try to sensibly answer the question, why do birds beat the window. In principle, the explanation will not keep itself waiting long. Enough to hold even the most superficial analysis of bird behavior to understand what beliefs and superstitions it has absolutely nothing to do. Birds beat the window to people as a result of numerous external factors: adverse weather conditions (e.g., extreme cold or Blizzard), and predators that are constantly terrorizing the peaceful birds and the lack of food in winter.
Fall, and winter birds can knock and Bang at the Windows to people for the following reason: they are attracted to light in a warm and cozy home, and the smell of food. About any impending trouble here is not the question: the bird is just very hungry she wants to eat! There is another scientific explanation for this bird's behavior: these creatures see the world differently than mammals. The bird, noticing the window, his own reflection, thinks it's all her relatives attacked her. So she begins to resist him – to fight him, waving his wings and banging his beak on the glass. Mostly do so in spring the males: they see in the window of his competitors for the females.

Advice 2: Bad signs: the bird knocking its beak into the window

A small bird appeared on the window sill, able to scare almost everyone. This is due primarily to known people's luck. Usually, if there is any bird knocking on the window, then it is necessarily a sign of bad news, illness or even death of someone from relatives. A belief that has existed for many centuries.
The bird knocks on the window

Why is the bird in the window associated with the bad news

Since ancient times, people believed that the image of birds in the world people can come dead. This visit, typically associated with bad news – the soul of the deceased wants to call for themselves, or warns against upcoming troubles. Coincidences that took place after the visit of the birds on the windowsill, became the cause of bad omens.
Knock the birds beak on the glass you can explain and skeptical. To find food in the streets is sometimes not so easy. It is likely that you are preparing something good to eat, and the bird knocking to ask you for food.

Bad Association had our ancestors not so much with the birds, how by window. In the old days coffins with the dead was carried out not through the door but through the window. That is why the bird landed on the window sill was considered a messenger from the dead.

The bird knocks on the window – good or bad

It is believed that children, unlike adults, are able to see the souls of dead people. The reason for the appearance of a bird in the window and its knocking can be defined as times for the children's behavior. If the child excitedly runs to the window and enjoys a feathered guest, bad news should not wait. In that case, if the child does not want to communicate with a bird or wary looks in her direction, it is better in such situations to take appropriate measures of protection.

Weeping or the cry of a child – a sign that the bird really came from good intentions. Protective measures in this situation should be a compulsory, and children as far as possible remove from the window.

What to do if a bird knocks on the window

In ancient times it was believed that the bird landed on the windowsill, in any case it is impossible to chase or hurt. On the contrary, the visitor should offer a piece of bread or grain, but it is necessary to pronounce the phrase "come for the food, come for the soul".
The bird is a legendary character of the huge number of signs and beliefs. However, knock this bird is regarded not only as a bad sign. The bird is often called the "bird of happiness", so her visit could Herald good news.

If the window knocks a pigeon, it is a sign of worry for you someone from the dead relatives or friends. Don't worry, but just remember those who love you or those you are lacking. We must think only good, to remember the good moments or funny situations.

Another way to avoid troubles is to collect stale and fresh bread, other flour products, grains or cereals. Then we had these treats to feed the pigeons about any Church. This rite was considered so-called bribery of the dark forces.

Scare away trouble from home and family can with bright red ribbons. If a bird knocks on the window, anyone who at this time is present in the house should bind to the window handle multiple thread, ribbon or any ribbon.
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