Use the latest versions of Wi-Fi technologies

The best way to get home network to work as quickly and reliably as possible at this stage of technology development, to use modern equipment. And here, first of all you should know that wireless standards IEEE 802.11 A, B, G are already outdated and slow. The high-speed wireless Internet now provide IEEE 802.11 N. So you need to purchase equipment in his support.

The choice of an optimum place for the router

Router even if it doesn't fit their design to the interior, should not have to hide in wardrobes, curtains and other home decor items. If you want to have a good signal, you should choose for the router open space without walls and obstacles and steer its antenna straight up. Ideally, the router is put in the middle of the spaces, which he must serve.

The use of antenna gain

If the native antenna of your router unscrewed or removed, you can purchase and install amplified antenna. These are sold separately.

The search for least congested wireless channel

If you live in an apartment building, the neighbor routers can disrupt and cause the signal to degrade. Routers can run multiple (usually 12) of different channels, and you need to find the channel with the least load. Using free utilities for search of free channels, such as Wi-Fi Stumbler, inSSlDer or wifi Analyzer will help you to increase the speed of Wi-Fi.

Interference from appliances and mobile equipment

However, not only neighboring routers can cause interference. Cordless phones, microwave ovens and other appliances, as well as the router operating in the microwave range, can interfere with your router. A solution to this problem is to buy a dual band router. You can also buy cordless phones with different ranges. If you don't want to spend money on new equipment, try to remove your router away from other equipment.

Prevention of stealing Wi-Fi

Protect your access point to the wireless Internet password. Otherwise you niceplace to her bunch of lovers of free Wi-Fi. Moreover, it is necessary to use the password on the WPA2 technology that is more reliable will protect the home network from intrusion by outsiders.

Bandwidth management

The use of video chats, services, online gaming, frequent downloading a file via torrent can greatly reduce the bandwidth and the Internet will become slower for all other applications. To prevent this, you can use QoS, which can set priority of some over others. In the end, more important and/or used by you in the moment the application receives the necessary bandwidth.

Flashing router

A great way to extend the operating range of the router and, consequently, to increase the speed of wireless Internet is to install DD-WRT firmware which gives the router more and more security and increased performance. In the latter case, there may be a risk of disabling router the careless settings, but most routers are able to handle the increase in power to 70мВт.

Reboot the router on schedule

If your router from time to time a restart is required, so it does not hang from overheating, you can set auto-reboot the router once or several times a day using the aforementioned DD-WRT firmware or even a regular timer outlet.

Some non-standard methods

You can extend the operating range of your router with simple selfmade add-ons. For example, an empty aluminum soda can or turning the antenna foil to the hole in the work zone will help to improve the quality of the wireless connection. Most likely, the results of these stunts are not very impressive, but you can squeeze out of your Wi-Fi is a bit more with a minimum of effort.