To increase Internet speed on laptop you can help the special recommendations from the provider. Often users of computer or laptop use the standard network settings, while the custom settings provided by your ISP, you can increase the connection speed several times.

Go to the folder "Network neighborhood" through the menu "start" Windows XP or older. Select "Show all network connections. Open the properties of the active connection to the Internet. Here go to settings, TCP/IP and set the IP address, subnet mask, default gateway and DNS servers provided by your ISP. Save the settings and connect to the Internet again.

If you are using an Internet connection through a router, your Internet service provider and the manufacturer of the device recommended settings for your computer configuration. You can increase the Internet speed, if properly configured, the configuration of the router online.

Use the special settings of the Internet browsers to increase the connection speed. In particular, install the latest version of the browser. The fastest are Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Opera. In their work they use special protocols, accelerating the process of opening pages. In addition, some browsers, e.g. Opera, have a special "Turbo mode" it reduces the quality of the images and also some other items on the sites that can significantly increase the speed of the Internet.

Periodically test the connection speed. Tests the connection speed you can find through Internet search engines. Compare the test results with the data declared by the provider. If the difference is large enough, contact technical support: you will dictate the correct network settings, or change them directly in the provider's office.

Try to change the current rate of use of home Internet. Perhaps paying a bit more and connecting more effective rate, you can significantly increase the speed of the Internet.

Don't forget to check computer for viruses and malicious programs that often reduce the throughput of the home network. It is enough to set one of the free programs antivirus. Also, try to go only on trusted and secure sites.