You will need
  • - Wi-Fi router.
The problem is that some startup programs, like uTorrent, can be quite load the Internet channel. In order not to give preference to a specific computer or laptop, it is recommended to properly allocate allowable speed Internet connection. Open the settings of your router.
To do this enter its IP address into the browser and press Enter. If you have already configured an Internet connection, go to menu, Setup Wireless Connection or just Wi-Fi. View mode the wireless access point. Find out the declared speed of data transmission.
Usually set a maximum bandwidth of 54Mbps. It is reasonable in the case if you are using a Wi-Fi router to access the network resources. Select the speed of data transmission on the wireless channel 1-2 MB/S. the Choice depends on the nominal speed of your Internet connection, as declared by the provider. Use a simple formula: divide maximum speed by the number of devices connected to the router.
Of course, this configuration of network equipment will affect the speed of access to local resources. If you want to give certain equipment a large velocity access to the Internet, reconfigure the access point. Select the operating mode of radioadapter 802.11 b/g/n (mixed). Set the maximum speed of the connection and save the settings Wi-Fi network.
Now configure the laptops for which you want to cut the speed of Internet access. Build your own network connection, specifying the type of 802.11 radio signal. This channel is designed to provide maximum speed 1 or 2 Mbps. the Other laptops connect to the network in the usual way, using channel b, g or n.