Keep an eye on

Some employees are issued for work personal weapons. Storage, use, application is also strictly regulated by special instructions, which the employee must perform rigorously. Functions of accounting and control of personnel weapons and ammunition entrusted to specialists in the accounting and service departments. All the movements of the weapon they are fixed in special books, magazines, invoices, statements and other documents, which are considered the objects of the secret proceedings. They are stored in sealed safes or closets. Weapons and ammunition issued to investigators to perform operations or for prolonged wearing, the documents are recorded in a separate line. The issuance and acceptance of a service weapon is made operative person on duty, who, after the end of operation checks the number of weapons registered and keeps a record of spent ammunition.

If a service weapon assigned to the employee for long periods, this is reflected in the special order of the heads of military units or on the interior, they should check the safety of the weapon at the place of residence of the employee. He is personally responsible for the serviceability, completeness, integrity and safety issue weapons. And at home it should be kept in special vaults or metal caskets.

If there is no need to use weapons issued for permanent use, as well as when departing on a vacation it should be deposited in another part of the body of internal Affairs, agencies, units, which provides storage and accounting in the prescribed manner. During off-duty hours to use the service weapon of employees is strictly prohibited.

The weapon is seriously dangerous

Such strict rules are applied to the account and use of service weapons, due to the fact that a weapon is a serious thing and dangerous. In actual practice, there are cases when the employee admits the loss of personal service weapons. Often this happens when performing operative tasks in emergency situations. It happens that a person loses sidearm for personal oversight. Every such case becomes the subject of a special office investigation, which thoroughly investigated the circumstances of the loss of a weapon. If this occurs when the operational circumstances or the attack of criminals or simple negligence, then the guilty employee is subjected to administrative measures and disciplinary sanctions. It is a Declaration of a warning or reprimand with entering in a private matter with the demotion, etc.

Sometimes used ad complete or incomplete office conformity and dismissal for this reason. If personal service weapon to "light up" when committing a crime, or it turns out that the employee had sold their weapons and had connections with the criminal world, it is already criminal liability with the imposition of appropriate punishment.