Patients suffering from dry eye syndrome often complain of increased tearing amid a steady feeling of presence of sand in the eyes. Blurred vision in the second half of day, dryness in the eyes, fear of bright light, redness, pain and burning are the later symptoms of the disease. The presence of wind, smoke, heaters and air conditioners sharply increase these symptoms. Work at the computer or watching television is accompanied by severe discomfort. Highlight the tear ducts become sufficiently viscous.

Brief description

In the space between the eyeball and eyelid is always a certain amount of tear fluid, distributed film across the ocular surface. This fluid is the joint product of several glands, each of which allocates your secret.
The film consists of lipid, aqueous and mucin layers. It performs not only protective, but the optical and metabolic functions which is very important for the normal functioning of the eye. Ideally, at each movement of the century the eyes should be wet. If for some reasonthe am reduces the amount produced by the lacrimal fluid, or there is a violation of the integrity of this film, there is a dry eye syndrome.

Among the main causes of this disease are: the defects of the glands, various operations on the eye, excessive computer work, for a long period of reading books on mobile phones, injuries, poor cosmetics, the deficiency of certain vitamins and trace elements, cigarette smoke, exhaust fumes, age-related changes and certain medications.

Methods of diagnosing

The doctor makes a diagnosis through studies that is assigned on the basis of complaints of the patient. To confirm the diagnosis conducted biomicroscopy of the various parts of the eye. The changed areas detected using special drops. Also measurements of the rate of production of tears and her vapours. The characteristic symptoms of dry eyes are no bulges the tear film from the lower eyelid and the presence of impurities.

Methods of treatment

The main goal of treatment is to restore normal hydration of the eye (cornea and conjunctiva). Most often it is enough to use drugs, so-called artificial tears, they should be instilled into the eyes several times a day. Very rarely and only in the most severe cases of dry eye syndrome fighting surgical methods.

Preventive measures

If you on the nature of their work spend a lot of time at the computer, it is necessary to increase the amount of fluids you drink. Be sure to stand the correct distance of eyes from the monitor, and each hour, take breaks. In summer, you need to use high-quality sunglasses. Blink more often, this advice is also relevant for the winter season.

Smaller are in smoke-filled rooms and smoky places, follow proper nutrition. Women who love to use decorative cosmetics, you have to watch not only for its quality but and expiration dates. We also shouldn't forget the most elementary exercises for the eyes: quick blink, movements up and down and sideways and in circles.