A girl need to get closer, and at this stage it does not imply a sexual relationship. Read more to find out her interests, walk in the same places where she walks. Knowing that she likes to take an interest in it, to be able to support miss communication on her favorite topic.
Become her friend, with whom she can talk about everything – girls, it is important to be taken seriously.
Learn to listen more, talk less. Girls, it is important that they be heard, understood and supported.
It is always available at any moment to come to the aid, if necessary. And it is necessary, because all couples bicker, and it will be interesting to know the opinion not impliedalready, and another man regarding a quarrel.
Find out the strengths of your opponent and his weaknesses. It is important to start from opinions about them the girls and not about your personal.
Make a list of positive qualities of his opponent and his weaknesses. Write it down on paper, and study every day. You need to try to have the same advantages she does. But to get rid of his flaws in yourself. For example, she likes that he meets her after school. Well, we can, too. She doesn't like it when you call friends he was going and abruptly leaves. So you do that, you should not.
Thus, day by day she will see in you the perfect friend and man.
Next, you will need to disappear for a while. To go somewhere else or create the appearance of it. Without you, she will understand how much space you occupy in her life and how important. The girl may not speak out of pride, but the lesson she learns for herself.
After returning, ask about her life during this time, discuss problems. If you've had a quarrel with a rival, disassemble them in detail. And take side with the girl, how would you actually not considered.
Now we have to wait for their argument, preferably large, so she was in tears. At such moments, girls are very sensitive.
Soothing her, hug, stroke hair, wipe her tears. Then kiss her first on the cheek, then as if inadvertently on the lips. And whisper in your ear: "what a fool! If I was a girl I would her hands she wore."
You can assume that the job is done. The girl may not immediately leave him, but it will happen very soon. And leave it not in a void, and to you.