To be sure to achieve success, own information. Inquire about the opponent in order to get an idea of what kind of men she prefers. His flaws are your strengths. Delayed at work, a little bit greedy, hates children/nature/theater or neglects his second half? Whatever it is, if this trait is not like your beloved in her boyfriend, knowing it can play in your favor. At least the fact that you are not going to repeat the unfortunate mistakes of the rivals to the beloved.
Try to get closer to lady. Check preferences - music, art, literature, her Hobbies, come to be in those institutions and places where she likes to spend time. Genuinely take interest in her favorite things or activities, it will definitely give you the opportunity to support easy communication and to be pleasant to her, detecting the similarity of your views. Ideal, aspiring to the development of relations, what should happen in the place where the girl accompanies the guy where she is most relaxed and feels comfortable and passionate love. For example, a gym, beauty salon, boutique, library, Internet café, etc.
Win her friendship. If you learn to listen, not to dominate and not to dictate your opinion, your chances will significantly increase. With a considerate, interesting, funny friend, she revealed, will trust and sincerely appreciate that Platonic relationship. Stay tuned for her in the area of access, at any moment she could contact you, ask for help, to hear advice or just to talk. "Teaching" a friend to your society, you are almost to the goal.
Instead of establishing a friendship after meeting you can go directly to the "attack". Showered her with declarations of love and passion. Be elegant, interesting, confident, persist and ingenuity. For example, daily, send by courier the chocolates/flowers at workplace or home. Give tickets to concerts, plays, presented decorations (what enough means) or pleasant surprises with a hint of your feelings. If the chosen one responds to messages, accept gifts graciously for you fortress won.
When a girl will gain confidence either in your sincere Platonic friendship, or in your eternal and passionate love, it is time to disappear from sight. Create visibility for his absence. Left without attention and strong support, the young lady will be discouraged by this unexpected turn of events and will think about you more often than most would like.
Left to do the last step. Watch carefully for her reaction to his modest return. Reproaches, joy, chirping, excitement, kisses will indicate that the lady finally won. If you are in her eyes read indifference, alas, is the "win" another love failed.