You will need
  • Patience, confidence, self-control and endurance
In the first place objectively and without illusions assess the situation. If you have decided to vigorously fight for your happiness, tune into a long and cold blooded fight. As experts in NLP, to keep man away from existing relationships easier than winning free. However, it must be observed that a number of conditions without which nothing happens. First of all, relationships in the pair must be established and the period of the first acute love is over. This condition is very important. If the romantic period is not yet completed, the object of your hunt will see only his beloved, and in the most perfect and sublime manner. And none of your virtues will not help to distract him from his desired goal. So in this case, only to step aside and wait for a more favorable occasion. But if the first love has subsided and "rose-colored glasses of enthusiasm getting a little sliding, it's time to start active actions.
The second important conditions for the successful conquest – you must enter the same circle that you are interested in a pair. This is to ensure that you have the ability to communicate with your victim and play on contrasts. This method is very effective in the case when you need it profitable to oppose itself against the competition. But in any case do not try to compete with her in some way, it is absolutely not profitable. The best thing is to find what your rival is "not doda" to your partner and replace it with this. Moreover, you will find yourself in a better position because you have a guy no expectations – you owe nothing to him. Even if the opponent is generous to his pair of absolutely everything, this is also your advantage. Just define what it is "over the top" and do the opposite. For example, she is overly caring and attentive – demonstrate that respect for the personal liberty of men and value their independence; it talks too much – his ability to interested to listen to; she hangs upon him, and constantly needs help – show that you are an independent, independent woman. Such a tactic will cause you some interest on the part of men.
In any case do not criticize and ridicule your opponent. On the contrary, in the presence of your future lover try to compliment her as much as possible. Admiringly commenting on any of her actions, you simultaneously achieve two goals: have the opportunity to devalue even the most successful step of the opponent in the eyes of her partner and provoked him intentionally look for her faults to refute your statement. For example, a girl said something silly. Don't laugh or criticize. Just defiantly sympathize: "yeah, we all are not perfect, it happens." She successfully chose a gift for him – refer to her expertise on love: she's a real Heartbreaker, always knows how to please a man. Such, at first glance innocent, you seek to separate the pair and sow distrust. And to reproach you with nothing – you only praise.
Another effective technique – demonstrative respect. You will in any case do not claim his attention and fully acknowledge all rights of your opponent for this man. Demonstrating outwardly their respect for the rights of the competitor and consciously activating fade, you thereby depriving her boyfriend of their society, become available for him. And what could be more attractive than forbidden fruit? By following these simple tips, you will not notice how quickly and easily get what you want. But then the time comes to think, was it worth it. It is no accident that people say that "its someone else's misfortune happiness can not be built", and taking personal responsibility for their actions has not been canceled.