For a start it is necessary to clearly outline the purpose and then follow her decisive steps. So, your goal is to invite the girl to meet. To do this, you must first ask her on a date. Be confident, speak clearly, calm and steady voice, because of your proposal depends on the future success or failure. So she agree, and you're not happy.
But this is not a victory. Next, you need to consider all the details of your first meeting. Date is better to choose a quiet, comfortable. It may be a small cafe or restaurant. Your goal is to show their best side. Be polite, tidy, maintain a conversation, and if she hesitates, don't be silent, keep talking. On a first date we can discuss neutral for the two of you topics: new music, movies, events from childhood or school memories. Not worth it on a first date to go into the details of a football match involving your favorite team or discuss a past you computer shooter. Not every girl on the first date will appreciate it, but the next case may not present itself.
Be sure to take the lady off after a date, tell me how you were nice to spend time with her and that you hope for further communication. Don't ask the girl out immediately on the first date, if you don't know her from before. Give her time to think things through, to weigh. If she agrees to a second meeting, consider it a victory. Now we can offer it to their friendship with all its consequences. Don't forget the flowers for a second date, the girl would be a very pleasant surprise.