Advice 1: How to start Dating a girl

Every person, guy or girl, for once in my life felt a sense of awkwardness when meeting with the object of his adoration. Like a man that is like, so close, but, nevertheless, you experience fear and trepidation. How best to organize a meeting with a girl? How to ask her out on a first date? How to offer to meet? These are questions being asked by almost every young person.
How to start Dating a girl
For a start it is necessary to clearly outline the purpose and then follow her decisive steps. So, your goal is to invite the girl to meet. To do this, you must first ask her on a date. Be confident, speak clearly, calm and steady voice, because of your proposal depends on the future success or failure. So she agree, and you're not happy.
But this is not a victory. Next, you need to consider all the details of your first meeting. Date is better to choose a quiet, comfortable. It may be a small cafe or restaurant. Your goal is to show their best side. Be polite, tidy, maintain a conversation, and if she hesitates, don't be silent, keep talking. On a first date we can discuss neutral for the two of you topics: new music, movies, events from childhood or school memories. Not worth it on a first date to go into the details of a football match involving your favorite team or discuss a past you computer shooter. Not every girl on the first date will appreciate it, but the next case may not present itself.
Be sure to take the lady off after a date, tell me how you were nice to spend time with her and that you hope for further communication. Don't ask the girl out immediately on the first date, if you don't know her from before. Give her time to think things through, to weigh. If she agrees to a second meeting, consider it a victory. Now we can offer it to their friendship with all its consequences. Don't forget the flowers for a second date, the girl would be a very pleasant surprise.

Advice 2 : How easy to be friends with a guy

Girls quite often think about how easy it is to make friends with a guy, not engaging with them in a romantic relationship. It is sufficient to find the correct approach to dealing with the young man, and you will immediately understand why guys friends even easier than with girls.
Friendship with a guy there is!
If you've decided just to be friends with a guy, not "feed" it with excessive promises and even just hints that he may be your soul mate through a particular period of time. It is better to thank the young man if he did or does for you something important, and say that he is a true friend. Be wary of hugs and kisses – they must also be purely friendly and not like flirting on your part.
Try to prevent gestures of courtship: if a young man invites you to the restaurant, take the opportunity to hold a joint picnic in a secluded place, and giving flowers or a valuable gift, it is better to politely refuse. Offer him just to walk and chat in a familiar, everyday setting. During the initial phase of friendly relations it is better to bring more friends to not feel uncomfortable alone with a guy and not be tempted to get close to him.
To just be friends with the boy, persuading him in their intentions, look for topics of conversation and interests that bring you in this regard. For example, discuss movies, video games, updates on social networks, things at the University or at work, etc. it is Better to avoid talking about your or his love Affairs, sexual issues and all that can awaken the interest in you as an object of romance.
Be prepared for the fact that eventually or even immediately the young man may begin to experience feelings for you and try spending more time alone, to ask awkward questions, etc., Gently tell him that you do not wish to start a serious relationship, or you already have the person who owns your heart. Also give other reasons for your cancellation, if required, for example, that it does not fit your nature, you prefer a different type of men, so just want to be friends with a guy.
Act naturally in the company of a guy like you communicate with his girlfriend. If you are confident with the person you can safely share with him some secrets and simply with ease to communicate on everyday topics.
Invite a young person help in finding a spouse. Maybe he needs a girl for a relationship, and you then become one of the main contenders for this role. Arrange for him to meet one of your close friends who is also looking for a soul mate, or just tell us that paying attention to girls and how to win their heart.

Advice 3 : How to make a guy offered to meet

It so happens that the guy and girl friends, from school or work. She has long had his tender feelings, and sees in his eyes a reciprocal sympathy. But this girl doesn't know how to do it so he asked her to meet me.
How to make a guy offered to meet

How to push a guy towards a relationship

If the guy makes the first step, the girl seems that she can't change the situation. It's tradition to take steps to rapprochement men. Best of all, if he didn't just take the initiative in their hands, but will be hard to get the attention of his lady. All this is absolutely correct, but a smart girl can carefully and gently push it along the way. But it may happen that he did not understand that happiness was just around the corner.

So the guy offered to meetthe girl to make with her, he felt much better than without it. Young people need to understand that it's worth it to appear next, as it begins to experience positive emotions. Then the guy finally decides to offer her a serious relationship. Of course, in order to achieve the desired result, the girl will have to make some effort.

Work on yourself

First, you need to work on their appearance. After all, no matter how treated it girls, men first of all pay attention to the face and body but mind and soul notice then. So on the way to achieving the goal, you may need to look into a gym, hairdresser and beauty salon.

It is very important to know the interests, tastes and Hobbies of the young man, then it will be much easier to find common topics of conversation. At the same time, learn which books, movies or music group, he prefers to get to know them as best you can to communicate was completely organic and the guy genuinely believed that he was able to meet so a person like him.

Men no less than women need compliments and rave opinions, but this should be done subtly enough. Not is loudly cheering the appearance of a young man. Better from time to time to ask him for advice, laugh at his jokes, be interested in his opinion on various issues.

In no case do not need to be Intrusive. Too much positive emotions, too, can get bored. Simple and trouble – free reception for a while disappear from his field of view, so the guy started to get bored and try to find it has already won sympathy for the girl. Then you suddenly appear and as if nothing had happened to continue the dialogue. If the guy had truly interested, he will not want the girl vanished from his life, and going to propose to her.

Advice 4 : How to start Dating a boy

The relationship between a man and a woman traditionally begin with the men's initiative. However, modern society dictates the rules, and the norm is the expression of sympathy from the girls. If you feel that you met the right person, then you need to act.
How to start Dating a boy

How to start Dating a boy

First feelings are always exciting and unusual for any girl. In this period, it is important to learn how to show the young man that you are ready for courtship on his part. It is enough to follow some rules that will help you to show sympathy for the young man.

Attracting attention

To attract the attention of a male. First, it would be great if you find yourself in the company of mutual friends and acquaintances. To do this, monitor the social circle a young man. Perhaps among them you will find their friends. The rest – a trick. Ask your friends how often they spend time together and ask a few unobtrusive questions about the young man. Secondly, make him light hints at the meeting. It can be not only words, but a nice smile or look. So you show the young man her sympathy. If possible, you can leave him your phone, but don't ask for his number. The essence of this behavior is that, if you really like the guy, he will call.

The period of courtship

The courtship period all occurs at about the same scenario. Young man giving flowers and gifts, says compliments, invite to the cinema or cafe. This is one of the most important periods in a relationship, since it is possible to see your partner in different situations. The girl should show their best qualities. First, don't be Intrusive. Endless phone calls and determine where and with whom is your young man will only cause irritation. To correct this situation will be difficult. Let them know that you have your own zone of freedom and you will not go mad, if you do not wait to call. Secondly, you look always stunning. Not been canceled of folk wisdom "meet on clothes". At the stage of courtship the young man is likely to want to meet my friends who will appreciate your appearance. Don't need to dress provocatively, as it is a manifestation of availability and a serious attitude toward you will disappear. Bright makeup is also not the best way to produce an irresistible impression. Try to look according to the situation and the location. Thirdly, learn in dignity to accept gifts and compliments. Reply to agree that you look great. Fourth, forget about the rudeness and vulgarity. Try to be more feminine.
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