Five women for one man

According to statistics, one man to five women and men are abusing it. They cease to care for the girls, give gifts, kiss the handle, etc.
Every woman has their own idea of perfection in men and desire to see in it certain qualities.

Unfortunately, absolutely perfect men does not exist. Therefore, it is necessary to something to accept, but somewhere to consider a good quality guy. After all, even the gold medal has two sides.

Often women, desperate, disappointed in all men, continue to stand beside her "worthlessness" or left alone, dreaming of a solid self-sufficient, handsome man. Often, being young and naive, the girls begin to meet up with boors. They are attracted to the strength, audacity, ardour guys like this. Next to the man rude girl will feel protected because he's gonna be able to fight back. Few can resist the onslaught of a guy, because girls give him, losing his head, and then, disappointed in her lover, beginning to understand that happiness near the boor not find it. Frustrated women often try to avoid all men for fear of being cheated again. But still, they need to make an attempt in the search.
Happiness from the sky to your house will not fall. There is an option that among men, you will find its worthy of you. Maybe first you should look at yourself?

Worthy men are attracted to women of accomplishment

Can you tell about yourself that you are the perfect woman? If you want change in your personal life, then go for it! There is a need to deal with them, instead of complaining about men. Requirements for a real lady will not less than men.

What he wants to see a woman a real man? Key qualities: vulnerable, kind, nice, not nagging. Near the woman he feels, need a real man, protector, the head of the family. And now remember, how long have you been a cute, defenseless, with admiration looking into the eyes of the beloved? Because men, like children, love affection, kindness, kisses, praise in his address. Of course, it's not every day you need to blow dust from men, but to pamper them from time to time still need. You should always monitor their appearance, to be attractive and charming, sexy and innocent. Remain a mystery for a loved one. And then he wants you to solve. And remember that men do not need to know what price you get attractiveness and naturalness. Stop constantly saying that all men are, to put it mildly, bad, and none of them are real. First of all, you need to be a real lady!