The mixture is chosen individually for each child, be sure to take into account the age and health of the baby. There is no such that one mixture went without exception to all children. Of course, among domestic and foreign manufacturers of baby food have their own leaders who are the best on the market and produce the safest products.
To choose the best mixture for your baby, follow some simple but very effective rules. First and foremost, it is not necessary to buy several cans of food, one is enough. If feeding is a violation of the child's chair appear skin rash, restlessness and intestinal colic, then this formula should be abandoned.
Pediatricians strongly recommend to choose only adapted milk formulas that its composition is closer to female milk. Examples include mixture "Nan", "Nutrilon", "nutrilac". This food is great for artificial feeding, regulates the intestines of the baby, prevents flatulence, normalizes microflora. From Russian manufacturers approval deserved the mixture "Agusha", which is already prepared, it is only enough to heat to the required temperature.
If the kids noticed the appearance of urticaria or atopic dermatitis, you should only feed them a hypoallergenic formula. Excellent milk formula "nanny" meets all the requirements. It includes goat's milk, which of allergic reactions in children does not occur.
Don't forget about medical compounds, which are often transferred to children with various disabilities in health. If a baby has lactose intolerance, he only give lactose-free dairy food. Proven themselves the following manufacturers: "Nan lactose-free", "Nutrilon lactose-free". Of course, for the price they are quite expensive, but the health of the child always comes first. If the child often spits up, he is vomiting, you need to buy antireflux mixture. The best in this category are: "Humana Antireflûks", "nutrilak Antireflux", "Prisovo".
The more parents come to the choice of formula milk, the better it is for the health and development of the baby. Since we have already proved that are the best mixture of foreign manufacturers, the savings in this case should generally stand at the last place.