It is believed that the month a baby should eat approximately 600 grams per day of milk or formula. This amount should be divided into 5-7 feedings. If the kid is on artificial feeding, it is hard to do. But if breast?

If the child is breastfed

This is where opinions of pediatricians disagree. Some believe that it is necessary to purchase special scales. Weigh the baby will need before and after feeding in the same clothes without changing a diaper. So you can determine how much milk the baby ate. Or another way ─ racking. In this case, the child may stop taking the breast.

Some children are starting to suck, fall asleep. And to Wake the baby, snapping him on the nose, very hard for the mother.
Most pediatricians today, I believe that if the child is breastfed, you should not worry about how much he ate. Of course, if he's in a good mood and he looks healthy.

It so happens that milk from the mother has a bluish tint. This means that the low-fat milk and the child is hard to get enough nutrients. Then mothers must improve your nutrition. To eat more veal or beef, butter, lean pork.

It is important not to overdo it, so as not to cause the baby allergies. Also the mother needs more rest in between feedings. If to improve the quality of the milk will fail to switch to mixed feeding. This should be done gradually, adding each feeding at 5ml of the mixture and increase this number by 5 ml every day.

Standard of nutrition for infants is determined by its weight gain. If in the first month the baby is added from 400 to 1000 g, it is cause for concern. Each child and mom to their rules and volumes. It is important to listen to your maternal instincts and to your baby.

If the child on artificial feeding

If for some reason the mother is not able to breast feed the baby, make sure you pay attention to how much the child eats. It is necessary to strictly calculate the required volume of the mixture or porridge. This can be done by a simple formula: multiply by Q. And is the number of days of life, and B=70, if the weight of the baby at birth was less than 3200 grams, or B=80, if ─ more than 3,200 grams.

This volume should not be exceeded, as the child may disrupt the metabolism. In the case of malnutrition, the baby will be restless, could not sleep that can negatively affect his nervous system.