Feeding baby on demand means that you are giving the breast to the baby when he shows hunger: whimpers, looking for something lips, sucking hand. Breast milk is the main food of the baby up to a year, so the issues associated with feeding on demand, often relevant when the baby is under 12 months. During this period the main occupation of the child apart from food, sleep, walking, swimming and games. To organize your day, mom it is convenient to set the mode of the day. This can be done by keeping feeding on demand. As the needs of the baby change as it grows in each age category the daily routine will be different.
0-3 months. During this period, the newborn sleeps 17-18 hours per day, number of dreams and the spaces between them is rather difficult to establish. Therefore, at this age quite difficult to enter the clear mode. Determine the period of time when you are comfortable walking with the baby and bathe him. For example, you want to walk with the baby was between 10 and 14 hours and lasted 2 hours. Then get out of the house you have from 10 to 12. During this time wait for the moment when the baby is awake at least an hour, and then asked for something to eat. Feed the baby and go for a walk. Outdoors newborns usually fall asleep easily and sleeping soundly. If the baby woke up for a walk and requires a chest, you can find a quiet place to feed the baby. For this it is better to buy special clothes for feeding, thanks to which you will be able to quietly give the child to eat.
Similarly, select the appropriate period of time for bathing. Wait until the baby wakes up and eats, after 30-40 minutes take with a toddler gymnastics and bathe the baby. After water treatment, the children usually eat with appetite and sleep.
4-6 months. At this age, the baby usually develops his own mode. The number of day dreams reduced to 3-4, and the kid falls asleep and wakes up around the same time. Place your baby at the same time that he chose, and you can also set the rest mode. If you succeed, determine the time walking and swimming will work up up to an hour. During the rest of your baby's awake you can put the baby to bed, lounger or play Mat, the baby explored the world and learned to play first toys.
At the age of 7-12 months, the child gradually introduce solid foods, and the time between feedings becomes more clear. Baby NAPs 2-3 times around the same time. Listen to your inner rhythms of your child, and then support them. Walking is still more convenient when baby sleeps, but if the baby has started to walk, you can take him for a walk immediately after eating and sleeping. So the kid will get acquainted with children's Playground, and the boundaries of his world will be gradually expanded.