As soon as the baby was born, each new mother" is concerned: how much and how often should have a baby to fully grow, develop and be healthy.

How much food should a newborn in the first days of life

After childbirth a mother produces a special ingredient – colostrum. It is nutritious, much better fed Mature milk, the baby need quite a bit. In the days that followed mom produced milk.

How is increasing the appetite of the child can be judged by the following data:

The first day the baby enough to eat one teaspoon of colostrum. The stomach he is still very small and colostrum are high in calories.

On the second day the child needs to have increased to two tablespoons serving of colostrum.

To feed the newborn on the third day should last longer because now he eats more volume.

Every day the amount of milk for your baby should increase as the time of his feeding. Two weeks later, his portion is about 500 grams a day to six months it will amount to 1000 grams per day.

First month special for the baby and for his mom. Already in the nursing home, many women are faced with an incredibly complex and sensitive issue.

The baby in the womb were endowed with a sucking reflex, but in fact it is very difficult to adapt to the mother's breast. Especially because newborns have a different structure of the mouth, while women's nipples have individual characteristics. These challenges are surmountable, so young women, do not despair.

Especially breastfeeding

The first month of the child especially needs breast milk, so the number of feedings can reach 12 times. The interval between feedings is about 2-3 hours, but this is the average, as doctors recommend to feed the baby on demand. The duration of feeding ranges from 15 to 40 minutes.

Artificial feeding

In this type of feeding there is a danger of overeating at the child, then it might be indigestion. It is therefore very important to calculate the required amount of food. In this case, based on the recommendations of the doctor, which he will give after the examination of the baby.

There is a simple method of calculating the amount of food. Need the number of days from birth to be multiplied by 10. For example, on the fifth day of life need 50 ml of a mixture of one meal.

Starting from the third week of life and continuing up to two months, the child needs to 1/5 of his body weight. In contrast to the baby-babies, iskusstvenniy need to feed, adhering to the day – every three hours, and at night – with a break of 5 hours.