In the first days after birth, the baby eats quite a bit, about 15 grams per feeding per day would be about 100-150 grams. These days doctors recommend as often as possible to put the baby to breast to milk to produce more and more, because the baby gains strength. By the end of the first week, his appetite to increase in 3-4 times, ie in a day the child will need for about 300-400 grams of milk. By the end of the first month healthy baby eats 600 grams. If you're feeding your baby formula, it is necessary to follow the recommendations given on the packaging. It should be noted that the mixture is more heavy food for the body of the newborn, so the amount eaten by the child milk, it may be less.

In two months the child is in need of about 800 grams a day, and one feeding a baby may eat up to 100-120 grams. Then each month the norm of consumed milk increased by 50-100 grams per day, and to six months is usually about one litre. Don't forget that 5-6 months old you need to introduce solid foods, ie milk is gradually replaced by normal diet. To ten months it is advisable to give the baby breast milk only or a mixture three times a day: morning, bedtime and night feeding. For each feeding the baby should eat about 210 grams, this averages out to 630 grams without regard to feeding. However, the quantity of milk consumed at this age depends on the individual characteristics of the child. Some children flatly refuse to eat porridge, mashed potatoes and soups, they no longer have to taste formula or mom's milk.

After a year the main diet of the baby should be solid food. If you have stopped breastfeeding can give your child cow's milk or special formula for babies after a year. Approximate amount of milk consumed at this age should be 330 grams. However, in addition to of milk should be introduced into the diet of crumbs kefir and yogurt.