A child who is breastfed, eats when he wants it, and parents just need to monitor how often the baby wets and dirties diapers. Enough to weigh it 1 or 2 times a month. But when the child begins to nurse the bottle with formula milk, his feeding needs careful control. You need to follow the diet of the child, the dosing of the mixture and the intervals of the meal.

How much baby to take formula?

Calculate how much of the mixture to give the baby a day and how much to give at each feeding is easy enough. There are many different ways. If the account to the child's age, eight-week baby for the day should eat 800 ml of milk. If the child is less than eight weeks, you need to give the mixture on 50 ml less.
But if the child is older than eight months, each month should increase the volume of the mixture of 50 ml.

It is also possible to calculate the volume of the mixture by weight of the child. During the first weeks of life baby should eat per day 1/5 of her body weight. Over the next 2 months is 1/6 of if it is from 3 to 5 months – 1/7 of the body weight, and during the second half of the kid you want 1/8 part.

There are methods that will help you calculate the power by knowing the body weight and growth. The formula is: the weight in grams divided by the height in centimeters and multiply by 7.

According to another method, one can calculate the calorie content. Child under the age of three months need to obtain 125 calories per 1 kg of its weight.
Baby 3 to 6 months – 110 calories per 1 kg And from 6 to 12 months – 100-90 calories per 1 kg of body weight.

How to determine whether ate?

In all the time when baby feeds, it eats up different amounts of the mixture. And appetite may be the baby is not permanent. And so, when it starts artificial feeding, it is recommended to use sometimes free-feeding. As a result, the child eats when he wants, but mom needs to monitor the amount of food eaten at one time. Pour into the bottle for 15-20 ml of a mixture of more and let's at a set time, deviate from the schedule at least 30 minutes. And when the child ate, the rest not make forced to drink. To understand ate a baby or not, you need to determine how much a child should eat a mixture a day and how much at one feeding. But when the child demands food before the established schedule, you should count the amount of formula you give your child.