Find a suitable location for installation of trading pavilion. In turn, for obtaining a land lease, you need to contact the district Committee that deals with management of city property (KUGI), the location of the land plot. In this case you will need to write a statement, and then together with him to provide all the necessary documents (permission of sanitary inspection and the fire inspection report from the Committee on urban development).
Select the commodity products that you will implement using this pavilion. Usually, these companies sell printed materials, food and other everyday products. Then consult with a specialist in the commercial Department of the chosen area, whether such products are for sale in this form of construction. When you receive a positive answer, proceed with drafting a technology plan.
Purchase all the necessary equipment. Please note that for normal operation of the pavilion, you should put refrigerated display cases in the sales area and different temperatures of the camera in the back room. This will allow you to store and implement the most a greater quantity of goods, if you want to sell perishable or frozen products.
Will receive a permit to conduct business activities (license). Then buy and register any cash register.
Take interior design inside of the pavilion. Start to do it when you have finished the work of laying of engineering communications. It is necessary to hire specialists.
Find reliable suppliers, and then order your product. At the same time, try to work so that on one particular product group you had two supplier. This will help you avoid shortage of goods in the future.