The spleen of a healthy person weighs about a hundred and fifty grams, and its size is eleven inches. When the examination reveals the increase in the volume and weight of the spleen, the patient is diagnosed with splenomegaly. This disease is characterized by severe painful period. The main reasons, in many cases, be different diseases.

This phenomenon is observed in the presence of cirrhosis of the liver. Almost twenty-five percent of people with cirrhosis of the liver, splenomegaly appears. The disease can progress also on the background of jaundice, ascites, or enlarged in size of the liver. Brucellosis can also cause enlargement of the spleen.

Next in the list of causes of enlarged spleen is a condition where the body accumulates a large amount of amyloid protein. This element can cause the development of diseases related to the spleen.

Causes of enlarged spleen

The increase in this organ can also occur due to the presence of Felty syndrome. The illness develops in rheumatoid arthritis, which is also accompanied by impairments of motor function in the limbs, various changes in the shape of the joints, multiple ulcers on the legs, as well as erythema in the palms. Spleen when such changes are also subject to the impact.

When a person suffers from leukemia, he exposed the fact that the spleen or other organs may increase in size. The patient has aching joint pain, weakness, lose weight, complains of swelling of the gums. Splenomegaly may also develop at a late stage polycythemia Vera. One begins very often to complain about the state of congestion, headaches, shortness of breath, blurred vision and weakness. May increase blood pressure, it happens even rupture of blood clots. All this leads to disruption in the functioning of the spleen.


In addition, enlargement of the spleen in humans cause different kinds of infections. This disease can be caused by typhoid fever, congenital heart disease or tuberculosis. The increase in the volume of the body may also provoke neoplastic or proliferative lesions of the spleen.

Congestion of this organ are called fibrovascular proliferation when it accumulated a significant amount of blood. This increases significantly erythrocyte pool. This may also be one reason for the development of splenomegaly.