What are the dimensions of the kidney in the healthy adult

Even the person who considers itself absolutely healthy, it should from time to time to examine the kidneys – for example, to do an ultrasound. In the survey, you may find that the size of the kidney increased. What causes this phenomenon?

In normal adult kidney length is 10 to 12 inches, a width of 5 to 6 centimeters and a thickness of 4 to 5 inches. Of course, every human body is different, so there may be slight variations in larger or smaller parties. This is a natural phenomenon. However, if the deviations exceed the specified values by more than 20%, the vast majority of cases, evidence of the disease.

In the case when the ultrasound shows a significant increase in the overall size of kidneys or any of its internal structures, it is necessary to pass additional examination, to be tested. After diagnosis the doctor will prescribe treatment.

What diseases lead to an increase in the kidneys

A common reason for the increase in the kidneys is pyelonephritis. This disease is manifested by the following symptoms: frequent urination, pain in the lumbar region (their character and force can vary a lot), feeling of weakness, fatigue. During periods of acute pyelonephritis fever occurs chills, fever, may begin vomiting.

Another common reason for the increase in the kidney is hydronephrosis. In this disease in the affected kidney to produce more urine than can be discharged through the ureter. Therefore, the urine gradually accumulates in the pyelocaliceal system, leading to first an increase and then increase the entire body.

The most dangerous reason for the increase in kidney – a malignant tumor. Her treatment should start as early as possible! But, as already mentioned, in the early stages of this disease (like many others) practically does not manifest itself, so, unfortunately, this illness is in most cases already in the later stages, when the chances for successful recovery are few.

Finally, the increase in kidney may be caused by the absence of the second kidney in the body. This is rare, and people can before the test not even be aware that he has only one kidney. And since the only body you have to work for two, its size will naturally increase.