The haircutting technique cascade

At first glance, the haircut may seem very complicated, but it is possible to do yourself at home, even with no specific skills. Of course, it is unlikely in this case a haircut will be possible to compare with the creations of professional hairdressers, but if you act slowly and carefully, you can achieve quite a decent result.

The haircut must be done on damp, clean hair with a comb hair should be divided into horizontal zones - the layers width a couple of inches. The strands of each zone are fixed by clamps.

The first step is to cut the bottom layer of hair - there are the long strands. Next, cut the layers located higher up. In the end, you need to do each layer a little shorter than the previous one. Each layer is a kind of step in the structure of the hair. What will be more, the more refined it will look in the finished haircut. The difference in the length of strands also plays an important role - what the difference is greater, the bigger it will look hairstyle.

This is not the only existing technique haircut cascade. You can start from the top, precisava hair from the top layer in the direction of the face and cutting them at the level of the tip of the nose. Next you need to comb the next layer of hair on the face, focusing on bobbed hair - the layer of hair should be longer than the first. Similarly cut all the layers. The shortest strands will be near the face at the top of the head, long, closer to the neck in the lower part of the head.

Design haircut cascade

At home you can try to make the haircut cascade - both of the above methods is quite simple. But the main thing is the final design of the haircut. It is important to draw the contour, it requires to comb all the hair in different directions by growth lines from the top, then undercut. Thinning the ends can give your hair more vitality and ease, effectively highlighting the strands be cut. Ordinary scissors will not fit here, it is necessary to buy a special thinning.

Styling haircut cascade for each day

The main principle - giving volume, thorough styling tips. Laying on every day is simple: clean hair need to be dried in the dryer, lining them up evenly and gently pulling. The head while down. After drying, you can highlight your hair with gel or wax for styling. The easiest remedy for hair is a foam wax is more heavy, therefore styling it is better to choose, based on your hair type.

Styling haircut cascade on holiday

A haircut can be laid, and festive. Hair must be washed, lightly dry them with a towel, then apply them to the foam and dry with a hair dryer, pulling the curls parallel to the floor. Here, you'll need a round brush with a fairly thick beard - it straightens the hair and simultaneously rounding out slightly and without damaging them. After drying, the hair should be curled outwards to the hairstyle to be more playful.