First we must distinguish haircut "ladder" and "cascade", which have similar features, but are created differently. "Ladder" or "gradient" - a multi-layered haircut in which the hair strands are in the form of steps. To cut hair "ladder" is possible in both simple and more complex form. A simple technique involves gathering the hair in front or on top in ponytail and cutting with one stroke of the scissors that may be sufficient for shearing of the child or of the owner of curly hair. More complex "ladder" is made in the form of dividing the hair into strands and cutting them nearby so that every next was slightly longer than the previous one.

"Cascade" - more complicated technically mowing, the analogue of which is the popular in Soviet times, the model "wolf". Strands at the temples are shorter, and the lower long, which creates a face framing strands of hair of different lengths. Another characteristic feature of becomes the underline of the transition between the strands of different length, not the smoothing, as in "the ladder". That is protruding strands of different sizes are the highlight of the cascade haircut.

Before you start to cut hair "ladder" in classic form, they must be carefully divided into 5 groups: the zone of bangs, occipital and two temporal area on the sides. Secure them using special hair clips. Start to cut one of the occipital zones located closer to you. The fingers of the free hand, pull the hair toward you, podrovnyal region. The bottom strand in this case would be the main for later and need to cut the following in this area. Trim the subsequent strands of the occipital area in the radial partings and start to pull them to the main strands. So you will be able to create elongation to the face. Keep the scissors straight to gently straighten hair.

From cutting the hair on the temples, pull them to the side parting and cut at a right angle. Focus on previously programmed length and continue to lengthen the hair on the face. Remove unwanted strands with Bobby pins. Comb the hair after the haircut using a comb with small teeth to carefully and in time to correct the deficiencies.

Strands in the area of the bangs should be cut at a right angle. Do it evenly and gently, focusing on the form of fringe that suits this type of face. Do the trimming haircut, applying the technique of the Poynting and slicing, and using the scissors with the jagged edges of the blades. So you will make the transition between the strands smoother and more even, and the hair is bigger.

Place the hair using a round brush and hair dryer, giving them the desired volume. Curl the hair ends in the inner or outer side. After drying to shake their head to strands formed in a natural way. Check the smoothness of the transitions between the strands and, if necessary, neatly trim them with scissors.