The first variant of the technique haircut. Of course, before the hair should be washed and dried hair. At the center of the head distinguish the main strand, bounded by two parallel lines. Pin up the remaining hair clips. The main strand of carefully combed, is fixed parallel to the floor and cut to the desired length. The rest of the hair are cut in the same way, focusing on the first strand.
When performing cutting all the strands are separated between themselves by a horizontal partings. They need to cut a straight slice.
After alignment of the main strands pulled up to her strands with parietal areas and with temporo-lateral areas of the head, and then from the back. Cut the parietal area from the top of his forehead.
If you cut the temporal areas focus on the front area, but the frontal hair area needs to be focused on the main strand. Thus, the cut gradually acquires a stepped structure.
The second variant of the technique haircut.

In this embodiment, the strands are cut one after another. In this case, the haircut is performed from the main strands at the nape towards the forehead. Each subsequent strand cut, focusing on the previous one. To contour hair cascade hair carefully combing from the top in opposite directions, evening them. To give lightness and ease of styling produce thinning.
To style this haircut is easy: it is enough to dry your hair from root to tip, his head bowed down. To shape use gel, wax or foam.
If there is time left or, in special cases, can be laid differently. The foam is applied on clean dried hair and distributed over the entire length of hair. Thereafter, the dried cut so that the strands formed a right angle. Using circular comb hair stacked at the request of either inward or outward.
Styling can be done with the help of Ironing. Thanks to him, the hair will gain Shine and luster, also with the help of the hair will become silky and smooth. With this method of stacking haircut cascade haircut will become more expressive, will be clearly visible in a scaled system. However, such styling don't forget to use heat tools.
Thanks to this versatile haircut you will be simply irresistible and you will have more trouble during installation.