First and foremost you need a good hairdressing scissors no matter you want to trim the bangs or trim the lower section of hair. It is also desirable to have thinning shears, which help to nicely handle the edges of the haircut.
To cut bangs, safesite it in position as you normally wear – and lock it with the clip all the other hair, so they don't interfere you in the process of cutting.
Select a small strand of hair with a width of not more than 4 cm and comb it, sprinkled with water from a spray bottle. Clamp the strand between the index and middle fingers of the left hand and slightly pull.
Carefully cut the ends of the strands, holding the scissors in his right hand, focusing on the line of the fingers.
Don't forget that dry wet hair shorter than 1 cm Based on this, calculates the length of the bangs.
Focusing on the length of the cut strands, begin to cut the remaining hair bangs. Pinch the strands between your fingers along with already trimmed a strand, cutting them at the same level. If bangs are thick, you will need to first cut the bottom layer, the top layer having pinned up at the crown, and then to dissolve the top layer of the bangs and trim it the same as the bottom.
After all the bangs to be trimmed, adjust thinning scissors line cut, making it nice and neat.
Regular trimming of hair allows you to get rid of split strands and supports the health and growth of hair. Comb your hair into two pieces with smooth parting from the occiput to the forehead. Comb a single strand, pinch the tip between your fingers the same way as in the previous case, and cut the excess.
Similarly, continue to cut off the ends of all the other strands. At the end, adjust the length of the hair – all the hair must be cut at the same level. To control the length carefully comb wet hair and pull them on either side of the parting.