First, how to properly hold the tools in hand. The left hand usually pulls the strand, and the right cuts. The comb moves from one hand to the other. Consider the following example. You are going to cut the back of the head. Pre-moisten the hair, gently comb, divide the hair comb with the tail section and secure outside clamps. Scissors take, vdev in one ring ring finger the other a thumb. Click the scissors to adjust. Remember that the haircut is always done with the tips of scissors. You have to stay within 5-6 clicks on 1 strand.
When you learn to hold the scissors, start trimming. Throw off the scissors with the thumb and comb with the right hand strand, 3-4 times, then pull it. Put the comb in your left hand, again pass the finger into the ring. Shear the excess ends of the scissors. Outset that to cut hair to the desired length the first time is not worth it. Cut a little smaller and see whether there is still shear off. Moreover, in the process of trimming the excess will leave you for sure. Take the second strand parallel to the previous one, also combed and dub together with the first strand, the two clamping fingers of the left hand. So gradually move on.
If you just want to trim the bangs, do it, pre-drying and pulling out a Hairdryer. So you can cut the bangs straight. Use sharp scissors with fine tips. Move from the middle to the edges also share the bangs section by section. Then, check the length of the hair with the opposite edges of the bangs, bringing them together towards the middle. If revealed asymmetry – equal to another.
Mens hairstyles you can do with electric cars and a simple comb, or using different delimiters-caps, which are usually supplied to the machine. To device need against the hair growth, otherwise hair will cling to the head and will not fall under the blade. Need to cut strips from the edge to the top. After each strip of hair stesyvajut. Reaching the top of the head not sharply tear it off, you need to gradually withdraw it, holding it up and separating from the surface of the head.
Working machine, it is necessary to hold the head with two fingers near the crown. Running a machine near the ears, you need to bend the ear shell. To complete the hairstyle with shading and piping without a nozzle, so that the hair is smooth with well-rounded edges.