Be sure to wet the hair so that it was manageable during the haircut. Then divide hair into zones and secure with Bobby pins. If your hair is long, you can divide in half by drawing a line, as if you wanted to seal the two tails. Highlight the front strand and otstegat its desired length. With shorter hair strands, you need to allocate in the area of the crown. Length of the control strands with short hair, usually 5-8 cm
When long hair strands around the control to capture the following curl long,1-1. 5 cm, pulling the hair horizontally to face equal them on the same length. Medium length hair need to guide when aligning vertically.
When long hair first shape of the entire parietal area, and then treat the sides of the head. Shorter hair is processed, first the top, then the sides, whiskey and crown. Whatever area you are processed, pull the hair strands to control. Focus only on the original predetermined length so that the haircut turned out to be symmetrical.
To cut need okoncovke. To do this, comb the hair, considering the direction of their growth. Trim the ends to give the cut a neat appearance. Again comb your hair and see if there is any overgrown strands.
The final touch of any haircut is the thinning of hair clippers. Long hair can be milling the entire length. Medium length hair thinning shears better place on several levels. This phase will give the haircut "Cascade" finished look, the hair will fall beautifully and naturally.